With us being halfway through December, that means that 2020 is fast approaching. And with every turn of a new year, it’s always out with the old and in with the new. For us beauty lovers, that means a new crop of beauty trends, beauty products and the likes. And who better to be an authority on the newest beauty tips than Charlotte Tilbury herself.

What are the makeup trends women should try on their face in 2020, and why?

CT: “I still love like a bit of radiant glow to the skin and I think that’s not going to go away. I love seeing all of the colors that are bold. Though I still love a matte lip, but I’m a bit more into a little bit of a shine and high-shine lipsticks – just like my amazing lipsticks in Pillow Talk and Happy Lips that I’m wearing now. They’re like a blitz with a shine in them. And I’m really obsessed with all of the amber tones and red tones for the eyes. I think that they’re really flattering, really beautiful and really on-trend.”

What are three makeup trends that you think should be left behind in 2019, and why?

CT: “I think that very heavy eyebrows; there are people who do it really sharp. I like thick eyebrows, but I don’t like that really overdrawn heavy black eyebrow. Also, cakey powder – like too much cakey powder. I like my Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder that’s a pore-refining powder that’s got huge articles written about it. It has rose wax, almond oil and emollients inside it. I will never forget Jennifer Lopez saying to me, “How come you’ve got a powder that makes me look younger?” But yes, that whole cakey powder, heavy eyebrows and really heavy makeup – that’s more like theatrical makeup – is what I think is going to be less much less of a trend. It’s going to be more of soft, glowing and beautiful makeup.”

Through your years of professionally doing makeup, what’s the largest beauty faux pas that women commit, and how should they avoid that?

CT: “I think that a lot of women wear the wrong foundation colour. And I think that I don’t like it when when I see people over pluck their eyebrows too wide or when they wear black pencil on their brows too. For foundation, they’re often either too pale or too orangey. Certain brands I’ve seen don’t always have like the right color – they have too much peach or too much pink in the foundation that’s making people look ill sometimes. You know, I still think that a lot of women need to get their foundation tested properly for their skin. And I think that, I don’t see enough women wearing the right colours for their face too. Sometimes I feel like they’re getting better now with the trends, but I sometimes still see women and I’m like “that lipstick does not suit you, that eye colour does not suit you. I could find a colour that’s much better for you.” What I love about my brand is that when you come, you get colour-matched to what suits you. Even if I do the Rock Chick look, it’s always very flattering colours. The pinks don’t have too much blue, it just makes it very flattering. There are brands out there that still do very pigmented, weird colours that might not be as flattering for women. And sometimes I see contouring done really badly as well, it’s either too harsh, too orangey or the wrong colour.”

So, what are the colours that best complement each skin tone?

CT: “So there are so-called universal colours that suit everyone like the brown, reddy and pink tones. But if you have brown eyes, there are certain colours that look really great on brown eyes like aubergine and purple or red undertones because they make the honey amber colours in the eyes really pop. It makes it like lights inside the eyes. For blue eyes, they look amazing with black, silver, grey or champagne. These icy colours really make the blue eyes pop. Hazel green eyes, the ones that are brown-green, they look amazing with a green or a copper, soft copper tone. It’s all about colour contrast. And I’m actually coming out with something that I can’t talk about next year but it’s about eye colour magic and basically make the eyes pop. I’m all about that kind of colour play and colour theory.”

What’s one underrated makeup tip that women should try out more?

CT”: “They should wear a glow on the skin. I want to give everyone Magic Cream. I want to give everyone Hollywood Flawless Filter because I see a lot of people with skin that looks dehydrated, not soft-focus enough or they don’t have enough glow. I wish women would also multi-mask. I know that in Asia you’re very good with multi-masking and I think that our Goddess Skin Clay mask will get your skin looking really amazing. I also wish that they’d use lip liner a lot more. I often see women and I’m like “no, no, you’ve got the right colours but you need a lip liner just to make your lips look even more perfect to reshape and resize it.” Everyone’s lips are kind of slightly off but (lip liner) just kind of makes them perfect. Oh, and I like the inner highlight in the inner corners to widen the eyes – I love that.”

You’ve said that glowy skin is a trend, but how do we achieve dewy skin in a hot climate like Singapore’s without looking greasy?

CT: “That’s why you need the Airbrush Flawless Foundation. I always put this foundation on because the celebrities love this – it makes your pores and everything smooth out. This is a demi-matte foundation, so when you put this on it gives you total coverage and matte-ness. I have tested this in 50-degree heat and it doesn’t move, it doesn’t slide and you don’t sweat because it has a cooling element to it. It’s amazing this stays all day for 16 hours. Then you have the powder down the center of the face. And then you put the Hollywood glow on top of the cheekbones, not down the center of the face. On the nose, you could put a tiny bit along the bridge but not the tip. Well, it depends if you have a very cute nose. If you have a cute nose, you can put a little bit there but if you have a long nose, we need to cut that down.”

If you had to choose, what are three CT products that every woman should own, and why?

CT: “The Airbrush Flawless Foundation, Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder and Matte Revolution Pillow Talk.”