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A quick and fuss-free way to brighten up a tired complexion: apply blusher or lipstick in a bright shade.

#2: Do spritz sunscreen spray or mist over your locks as sun damage can cause hair to look dull.

#3: If you forget to apply neck treatment, make up for it by patting and pressing (don’t tug – it can cause fine lines) the excess face cream on your hands into your neck.

#4: Makeup goes on and looks best when your face is hydrated, so don’t wait too long (10 to 15 minutes at most) after applying skincare to start on your foundation or bases.

#5: A simple guide to choosing blusher shade for makeup noobs: coral for yellow undertones, pink for fair skin, and berry for darker complexions.

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#6: If you have sensitive skin, always do a patch test on the inside of your wrist before trying out a new hair dye or face serum.

#7: A colder climate or hormonal changes to your skin doesn’t mean that you have to switch up your moisturiser. Instead, add a few drops of facial oil to it before application to increase its hydrating and protective abilities.

#8: When applying mascara, go easy on the tips of the lashes – too much product can weigh them down and undo the work of your curler.

#9: To refresh makeup in the middle of the day, spritz on facial mist, then pat off the excess with tissue. Finish up with a light layer of loose powder.

#10: Tired skin tends to be drier and can cause makeup to cake. So instead of piling on concealer and foundation to hide the effects of fatigue on skin, use a tinted moisturiser that covers and hydrates at the same time.

An adapted version first appeared in Female’s October issue. 

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