chloe moretz


chloe moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz, 19, is the kind of girl that other girls want to be BFFs with – button-cute yet badass; a rising Hollywood superstar who’s down-to-earth and free-spirited. It’s why American fashion house Coach, which celebrated its 75th anniversary this year, and its game changing of an executive creative director Stuart Vevers loves her – she’s been fronting its campaigns since Fall 2015 and more recently became the face of Vevers’ first perfume for the brand, Coach The Fragrance.


A versatile floral green scent, Coach The Fragrance makes a fail-proof Christmas gifting option.

Out now in Sephora, Robinsons, Metro, Tangs and BHG, the Eau De Toilette ($62-$102) is a floral green blend of pear, white Alba rose and white cedar wood, meant to be at once fresh, elegant and effortless – not unlike Moretz herself. (PS. It also means it’s versatile – just what you need in a gift when you’re playing Secret Santa this festive season with someone you hardly know.) In an exclusive interview with Female earlier this year, Vevers says: “She’s got a real strength of character… She believes in what she does; she works hard and, in that sense, is a good role model for young women all around the world. But she also has fun… That’s why I wanted her to be the face of the fragrance.”

And fun is exactly what we had with the actress when we met her at the launch of the perfume in New York. Here, she talks about the scents that make her smile, turn her on and creep her out (and why you should try Coach The Fragrance, of course).

chloe moretz

Her earliest scent memory

“My grandmother. She used to wear Guerlain’s Samsara fragrance every day… The first scent I used was Viktor & Rolf’s (explosive signature perfume) Flowerbomb, which was a big deal. And my first sexy scent was Byredo’s Gypsy Water. I remember this huge shift in how I was going from a floral fragrance to something musky and what that meant to me as a young woman. I was 15 and thinking, ‘Oh my god.'”

Her favourite smell

“I’m from Georgia and we cook a lot of fried food, so there’s literally nothing more satisfying to me than walking into a room and smelling hot oil – warm oil, fried food and biscuits. There’s a sensory overload, but it was what I grew up with: total fat food.”

A scent that turns her off

When I was a kid, I would end up staying at some haunted hotels and they always smelt intensely of rose – like old lady rose – so that still makes me feel terrified. That and cigar smells. The rose in Coach The Fragrance is different because it’s lighter, sweeter and softer.”

A smell that represents New York, the home of Coach

“The subway – I love the smell of the New York subway. That weird dry yet warm smell that’s so disgusting, but also so New York, you have got to love it.”

Why cool women would love Coach The Fragrance

“It reflects the idea of femininity now: that women can embrace their sensuality with floral notes for those prettier moments, yet also be a total badass with the more mellow, muskier notes. It reflects the essence of Coach and smells like the Coach girl. You can dress it up or down; make it sexy or soft. It really represents the millennial young woman.”


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