According to the sage wisdom of Ariana Grande, “happiness is the same price as red bottoms”. While that’s great and all, the majority of us don’t exactly have the ability to drop big bucks on a pair of Christian Louboutin heels every time we need a pick-me-up – which is probably every Monday. What’s the next best option, you ask? That would be everything in the Christian Louboutin Beauty launch.

The long-coveted brand has finally made its way to Singapore, after what seems like an eternity and a half. First founded in 2012, Christian Louboutin Beauty  actually has its roots in 1992, when Christian Louboutin famously applied red nail polish to the soles of a pair of heels he was designing. It makes sense, then, that the entire beauty range revolves around the fiery hue and the packaging be reminiscent of a sharp stiletto heel. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Ahead of the launch, we spoke to Isamaya Ffrench , Christian Louboutin Beauty’s global makeup artist, on insights into the house’s approach to beauty and what it means to be a “modern woman”. Handpicked by Louboutin to head the house’s beauty endeavours, Ffrench hails from an unorthodox product and industrial design background.

Isamaya Ffrench, the brand’s global makeup artist.

“Believe it or not, make-up was probably the last step in my development as a creative person,” says Ffrench. “When I was younger, I spent about 18 years in dance and theatre, and at university I studied industrial design while simultaneously working with theatre companies. For a time, I even worked part-time as a kid’s face painter. These influences all came together when a photographer friend asked if I would do creative body make-up on a model for i-D Magazine,” she says.

Ffrench on Beauty vs. Make-up

“For me, beauty and make-up are two separate things. I think that beauty is something personal that moves you. Everyone has their own personal instinct of what beauty means to them, and I think it has more to do with an emotion than an aesthetic. And as a make-up artist, when I apply make-up to others, it’s about my interpretation of what elevates that person in an aesthetic way and what makes them feel good. It’s about creating an image that inspires you or creates a specific feeling. I think make-up can enhance your own ideas of what beauty is.”

“When you slip on a stiletto, it gives you a new, empowering kind of posture,” says Ffrench. “And I think the same can be said about a red lipstick. Who better than Christian Louboutin to bring the two together?”

Ffrench on the Christian Louboutin Beauty woman

“She’s an individual – intelligent, playful…and with a great story! Mica Argañaraz, the face of Christian Louboutin Beauty, is the perfect example of all those things. And of course, the Christian Louboutin Beauty woman is always evolving, so part of my job is also about exploring what all those things mean today, and then redefining them,” she adds.

Ffrench on supporting today’s modern, empowered woman

“A beauty brand can support women by offering lots of color options to be very inclusive of all skin colours. Christian Louboutin is so engaged in this – I thought it was really cool how he created “nude” shoes in many different shades. In beauty, our idea is to apply a similar idea to lip colours and have the perfect shade for every skin colour. In terms of brand vision, I think beauty brands can visually represent themselves with women that others can aspire to, and who embodies all qualities of the brand. Just like Mica does for Christian Louboutin Beauty!”

Ffrench’s recommendations on what to buy

“Red is a colour associated with so many different things: love and romance, blood, passion. It’s pretty cool because it’s bold and very symbolically-loaded. When you use red, there’s always a bit more going on in the back of your head. I think everybody has their own preferred shade of red. For myself, I prefer a more orangey-red. Christian Louboutin is really great at defining beautiful red colours. It’s a strong element of Christian Louboutin Beauty, and we’ll continue to explore and redefine what those wonderful red colors are.”

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Christian Louboutin Beauty pre-launches at on 20 June 2019, and officially opens at TANGS at Tang Plaza Level 1 from 1 July 2019.