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These Christmas Candles Make Your House Smell Like A Festive Wonderland

The best Christmas candles that'll make transform your crib into one that smells like nothing but festive joy.
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Mon beau Sapin scented candle, $100
What it smells like: A wintery, reassuring forest with slightly resinous balsam fir all around. This year, the brand’s iconic holiday candle receives a revamp with a dark green jar adorned with a fir bough decorated in white and gold. Maison Christian Dior The Osmentus scented candle, $115
What it smells like: Inspired by the beauty of the ancient ritual of the tea ceremony, this one’s a mashup of sweet apricot and gourmet flavours that make it smell like a rare flower. It’s also the latest creation from the brand’s perfumer-creator Francois Demachy. Maison Christian Dior Encens Mystique scented candle, $115
What it smells like: Walking through the woods and down a mysterious trail. This candle transforms the room into one that smells magical and sacred with its intense, evocative woody notes. Diptyque Ambre Felicite Candle, $190
What it smells like: Diptyque’s 2019 festive collection is inspired by lucky charms. Infused with uplifting amber and floral notes, this one spreads a happy aura around your home. Plus, it makes for a great decorative piece with its limited-edition vessel that’s printed with talismanic paintings by German artist Olaf Hajek. Escentials x Disney Frozen II Candles, $55 each
What it smells like: The pink-coloured candles smell like exotic cedarwood mixed with classic vanilla and rounded off with a touch of sweet tar-like fragrance to create an aroma that is warm and sophisticated. While the blue-coloured ones spot a refreshing scent of freshly picked mint leaves with a hint of sage, over a base of basil sprigs and soothing musk. Acqua di Parma 2019 Holiday Candle, $99
What it smells like: A warm and bright fragrance where pine tree’s balsamic notes are heated by the burning woods and made vibrant by tingling and spicy accents. Now, it’s presented in a glass decorated with a unique design by the Italian artist Gio Pastori. Goutal Paris Une Foret D'or Candle , $150, Escentials
What it smells like: Freshly-fallen snow and the warmth of a house filled with impatient, excited children on Christmas Eve. It’s spicy and fruity at the same time with citrus fruits, orange and mandarin from Brazil, bark of the pine from Siberia and the scent of resin. Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Home Candle, $116
What it smells like: Aromatic pine and enlivening eucalyptus come together to form a fresh scent of that smells just like a lively Christmas morning. Cire Trudon Christmas Scented Candle, $160
What it smells like: A super chill, intimate gathering of friends drinking and making merry. Instilled with notes of amber, cedarwood and iris, this is a relaxing fragrance that fills your home with a sense of calm. Citrus and cinnamon notes amp up the festive spirit a few notches too.