christmas fragrance

It’s been said that fragrances are liquid memories, often evoking feelings of nostalgia. A scent can take us back to our childhood or remind us of a special occasion. And with Christmas just around the corner, our memories are filled not just with holiday cheer, but also the warming – and heartwarming – scents of the season, like freshly baked Christmas pudding, crisp pine trees and warm roasted chestnuts.

This Christmas, British luxury fashion house Burberry London wants to spread the festive joy through the gift of fragrance. Taking inspiration from its design heritage, My Burberry is inspired by the brand’s iconic trench coat and British heritage, capturing the different facets of London, while Burberry Her is effortlessly stylish, energetic and spontaneous.

Merry and bright

And since Christmas is a time to make memories, we ask two women about their fondest and scent-filled yuletide moments.

Nicole Wong, digital creator

To Nicole, Christmas is all about family and spending time with loved ones. Her husband and in-laws, who are Eurasian, have always enjoyed the festive season. “My own family was never big on Christmas, so when I spent my first Christmas with my in-laws and relatives, it really opened a whole new world to me.”

Her favourite scent from the season is “the smell of fresh pine from the Christmas tree every morning at home”. As for gifts, Nicole prefers giving sustainable ones that can encourage and educate family and friends about the movement.

She also likes giving things that remind her of the ones she holds dear – such as fragrances. “I love how fragrances can be a part of their lives and who they are.”

Her fragrance recommendation for a Christmas gift? “Something light, sweet yet energetic, like the My Burberry Blush.”

First impression: It really felt like a blush, subtle and elegant.

Final impression: It was not as sweet as I had initially thought, which is perfect for me. Its freshness makes it such a great scent for everyday wear or a date night as it is not too overpowering.

Lasting prowess: The scent lasted the whole day!

Compliments: It was something new and different from my usual picks, which have always been more masculine and musky. This was a great change.

Best worn: Every day!

Best suited for: I would give this to my mum because it fits her fun, happy and outgoing personality, or a friend who is a strong and sophisticated woman. Or even my sister, who is the epitome of elegance.

Jolene Koh, digital creator

To Jolene, the first thing she thinks of when she hears the word “Christmas” is “gatherings with family and friends”.

“When I was a kid, I grew up celebrating Christmas with my extended family. It’s usually a huge affair. On Christmas Eve, we gather for a potluck dinner, play games and sing carols until midnight. Then, we’ll wish one another ‘Merry Christmas’ and open our presents. It’s my favourite celebration!”

But Christmas isn’t just about gatherings. Scents can also trigger memories. For Jolene, the scent of fresh pine always makes her think of Christmas trees, while sweet and spicy fragrances remind her of freshly baked Christmas pudding.

And when it comes to presents, Jolene prefers gifting things that people will use, such as self-care products like makeup, body balms, candles and fragrances. Her scent recommendation for a Christmas gift? “Something that’s light and refreshing, and not too strong or heavily scented, like the Burberry Blossom Her EDT.”

First impression: Based on the name and packaging, I expected the fragrance to be very floral.

Final impression: It was surprisingly light, and very fresh and fruity, with citrus notes.

Lasting prowess: About half a day.

Compliments: Friends have told me that I smell very fresh and girlie when I wear the fragrance.

Best worn: Daily. But if it were for a special occasion, it would be great for a friend’s birthday gathering or lunch with girlfriends.

Best suited for: Young women. In fact, this fragrance is an ideal Christmas gift as I feel it’s a springtime scent, which is perfect for the new year.

Enjoy the festive season with loved ones as you create your own scent-filled memory with Burberry fragrances this Christmas.

My Burberry Blush and Burberry Blossom Her EDT are available at leading department stores.