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This Swarovski-Studded Collection Will Be On The Top Of Your Christmas Wishlist

What's on the top of our Christmas wishlist right now? This intricate solid perfume and pressed powder collection from Estee Lauder.

Beauty insiders will be no stranger to Estee Lauder’s highly collectable Solid Perfume and Metal Compact Powder Collection. For the less initiated, it’s a beautiful one-of-a-kind collection that the American beauty label drops each time the festive season comes around.

After three annual limited-edition holiday partnerships – that were birthed in collaboration with jewellery designer and storyteller Monica Rich Kosann – the beauty giant is back for a fourth. Previously housing makeup and fragrance treats in delicate compacts that are inspired by fairy tales, this year’s 13-piece collection boasts of intricate Swarovski-studded designs that draw elements from tarot cards.

Made to represent strength, encouragement, trust, beauty, focus and confidence, the collection sees of pressed powder compacts and solid perfumes available in three of the brand’s iconic scents – Beautiful, Modern Muse and Pleasures. To break it down, Beautiful is a fragrance that encapsulates a wide mix of flowers – like rose, lily, tuberose and orange flower to name a few – while being brightened with citrus and warmed by woody notes. Modern Muse is a contrasting scent of sparkling florals and sleek, sensual woods, while Pleasures will have you smelling like fresh flowers after a spring rain with its blend of lilies, white peonies, jasmine and the essence Baie rose.

When it comes to the powder compacts, they’re filled and refillable with the silky, lightweight Perfecting Pressed Powder in shades Light and Medium. Scroll through for the designs that are now available to be picked up exclusively at Robinsons Heeren and Estee Lauder stores at ION Orchard and Marina Bay Sands.

Scales with Modern Muse, $560
Moon with Beautiful, $560
Hourglass with Beautiful, $560
Harrods Bear with Beautiful, $560
Birdcage with Beautiful, $560
Wheel of Fortune with Pleasures, $560
Dice with Pleasures, $560
Roulette, $350
Las Vegas, $350
Ladybugs, $350
Celestial, $350
Butterflies, $350
Limited Edition Year of the Rat, $350