essential refining essence

What makes this so loved and lust-worthy is that it helps to combat skin concerns that many of us living in urban jungles are familiar with. Read: clogged and enlarged pores, oily complexions, congestion, rough skin texture and dullness.

essential refining essence
Cle de Peau Beaute Essential Refining Essence, $130

While it may be known as an essence thanks to its water-like texture, the brand parks it under the “serum” category as unlike essences — which contain more active ingredients than a regular toner to help penetrate into skin better to hydrate as well as target various skin concerns — this works in a more targeted and specific manner, just like a serum.

Cle de Peau Beaute’s new Essential Refining Essence is now made with a Surface Refining Complex EX, which works together with phytosterol derivatives to visibly improve rough and bumpy skin texture by dissolving and removing harmful and persistent impurities that cling to dead skin cell fragments within pores. It also releases inflammation-inducing components that causes clogging and roughness while preventing excess sebum production, which can cause a cycle of congestion and rough skin. Additionally, an Illuminating Complex (supposedly the brand’s core skincare complex), which is made with platinum golden silk essence, Japanese pearl-derived components and theanine, is incorporated into the newly reformulated product to hydrate and boost skin’s radiance for a luminous and translucent effect.

And while essences are commonly used after toners, this is best applied after stronger serums and just before a moisturiser, as it helps to lock in all the nutrients and vitamins delivered to the skin. How to best use it: saturate a cotton pad with the product before gently patting it onto the skin and smoothing the pad over noticeably rough areas.

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