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At the end of a long day of wearing layer after layer of product, we don’t know about you but the first thing we’d love to strike off our to-do list is to cleanse our skin – and pores – through and through. Plus, it’s the first and most crucial step that kickstarts your skincare routine. Getting rid of all the impurities and gunk that has been clogging up the pores preps the skin to be ready to absorb any other skincare products that come after it.

For this exact reason, Chanel Beauty’s Sublimage The Cleansing Collection comes into play. More than a cleansing ritual, it is an opportunity to take a moment off your mornings and evenings to kick back and relax. And that relaxation’s amplified by the luxurious vanilla scent that comes with each product. Available at all Chanel Fragrance and Beauty boutiques from Oct 24 and Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Counters from Nov 1, how’s that for skincare and self-care?

And what gives this four-part, ultra-sensorial skincare line its kick? The inclusion of powerful natural-origin active ingredients – the antioxidant-rich vanilla planifolia water and the detoxifying harungana extract. Translation: it makes your skin softer, healthier and more luminous after each cleanse.

Specially created by Chanel Research, vanilla planifolia water brings out the highly-antioxidant properties of the vanilla fruit. And because this beneficial water is so incredibly concentrated with active molecules, it’s a great natural shield against the attack of free radicals. At the same time, harungana extract – that’s also known as the detox ally – eliminates toxins built up in the skin tissue. Say hello to a fresh complexion that’s free of dead skin cells.

Below, said products that will help you achieve that.