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A holistic approach to beauty

Dr. Melvin Tan (MT): “Our aim is for our patients to achieve great results by using superb technologies (which are of the highest quality) in a setting that is comfortable and convenient while providing exceptional service. I feel that by combining certain excellent, industry-recognised products, facials and machines, we can deliver maximum results for our clients in the few hours they spend with us, thus, optimising results with minimal downtime. I also always try to take a comprehensive approach by understanding their needs and then addressing the face in all its layers: cellular, anatomical and geometric proportions. I truly believe this is how we can achieve the nicest yet most natural-looking results.”

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It’s all about using broadband light

MT: “I’m a big fan of it (broadband light, also known as BBL) as I feel that it is a very effective way to improve skin’s overall condition without any downtime. It is a cosmetic treatment that taps on the benefits of a wide spectrum of light wavelengths to improve skin texture while treating discolouration and irregularities from sun damage. Here at the clinic, we have a few treatments such as the Skintyte and Light Lift Plus that make use of this light. These improve dullness, pigmentation, and laxity. Our South Beach Peel programme also combines broadband light with microlaser peeling to enhance the effects of BBL.”

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The treatments for different skin types

MT: “For dry and dehydrated skin, microinjections are an excellent way to deliver hydration directly to where it is needed the most. At Epion, we use Juvederm Volite, which is the latest skin enhancing injectable product from Allergan and was launched in Singapore earlier this year. Our Flawless Skin Restore Programme is popular amongst our clients with oily skin. This comprises of multiple sessions of Aquajet Peel, Ultrasonic Deep Clean, and long pulsed NdYAG laser treatments. This is excellent for skin rejuvenation, minimising enlarged pores and controlling the production of oil.”

The best beauty advice someone has ever given to you

MT: “Prevention is better than cure. Using a good sunblock that protects skin from the harmful effects of UVA (photoageing and wrinkles) and UVB (sunburn and cancers) rays is crucial to achieving good skin. Regular skin rejuvenating treatments using laser and light devices are excellent ways to ensure collagen production stays active. More patients are also open to doing botox as an anti-ageing measure rather than a solution after they have started to notice wrinkles on their faces. I have patients in their 20s who regularly come for ‘preventive’ botox jabs for their frown lines and crows feet.”

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The 3 skincare products every woman needs in their routine

MT: “A good exfoliator that will remove dead cell buildup on the skin’s surface. This will prevent breakouts, lighten pigmentation, improve penetration of serums and restore radiance. For a comprehensive exfoliation regime, I recommend my patients to use Epion 3.1 Skin Renew, which contains glycolic acid in the morning and Epion Skin 4.1 Fortify that has retinol in it. Use them together with the Tretinoin Gel in the evening to achieve clear and radiant skin. Hyaluronic acid serums are a simple way to rehydrate dehydrated and parched skin. Hyaluronic acid serums such as the Epion Skin Lift 5.1, penetrate deeply and rapidly to increase the skin’s water-binding ability. Water is drawn into the skin cells, plumping them up to ensure dewy, supple and glowing skin

A good broad-spectrum sunscreen to maintain youthful-looking skin is the last product you need. UVB rays (which SPF protects us from) affect the outer layers of skin and result in sunburn and skin cancers. UVA rays, however, accounts 95% of our sun exposure, penetrates deeply into the skin, damaging cells and collagen, leading to wrinkling. In our clinic we have two excellent broad-spectrum sunscreens known as the Epion Skin Protect 7.1 (with tint SPF50) and 7.2 (no tint SPF 30).”

On the current skincare trends

MT: “I feel that there is no better way to treat dehydrated skin (which is due to lack of water content in the skin cell and different from dry skin, which is due to lack of oil from the sebaceous glands) than by delivering the hydration directly to where it’s needed most.  Skinboosters have been around for a while but they have to be injected every month and their effects only last for three to six months. This adds up to a lot of injections and downtime. Juvederm Volite requires just a single treatment and improves hydration levels, firmness and soften fine lines that last after nine months.

Lip fillers are also having a major moment right now. In America, they are the second fastest growing cosmetic treatment, second to dermabrasion. A large part of the rise of lip augmentation is due to celebrities like Kylie Jenner and their massive social media. There have been improvements in the selection and quality of products we can inject into the lips. Thinner consistency fillers like Juvederm Volbella are excellent for giving a more natural and subtle fullness, whereas slightly more robust fillers such as Juvederm Volift can really add structure and definition to an ageing lip. Lip fillers are also relatively affordable (usually just 1 tube of filler is required) and done well can often offer quite dramatic results.”

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