clinique smart custom repair eye treatment

In general, doctors advise against using complex eye care, with different ingredients of varying function, for the simple reason that the delicate eye area has thinner skin. How safe these are, says Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director of The Sloane Clinic, depends on “the strength and type of the ingredients used, as well as your skin type”. People with sensitive skin, she adds, should start with simpler creams.

Clinique wants to debunk the theory with the spin-off of its Smart Custom-repair franchise, Eye Treatment ($79). Applying the same school of thought as the face serum’s, a product can tackle multiple problems, yet be gentle, if its ingredients are “clever enough” to read skin’s distress signals and only deliver what’s needed in a non-irritating way. Whatever that’s not appropriate from its reservoir of ingredients is metabolised by the body. The gel-like eye care is already “pre-programmed” to tackle six problems – crepey skin, dullness, sagging, fine lines, crow’s feet and dehydration. To forestall any sensitivity, soothing seaweed extract is added to the equation.


An adapted version of this story first appeared in Female‘s August issue, out on newsstands now. 

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