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The Non-Red CNY Nail Inspiration You Need, If You're Still Undecided

Just because it's CNY, it doesn't mean you'll have to be red from head to toe. Here are the nail designs for your inspiration this season.
OTT Extensions, a la Cardi B
Nail extensions are all the rage now, and they don’t seem to be backing down anytime soon. Get some big jewels and gemstones and bling up that manicure this CNY, just like how Jenny “Queen of Bling” Bui, Cardi B’s manicurist, does it. With this next level nail art, your claws will be bright enough for the CNY weekend, but won’t look like you did them just for the season.  Simplified bling
Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to your nails. If extensions and big crystals aren’t your thing, take a simpler route and opt for a single small crystal or pearl close to the cuticle of your nails. Against a nude base, this’ll make the gem stand out while still looking sophisticated. Up the fun factor by having a different coloured crystal on each hand if you want.  Floral gems
Having glitter and gems on your nails don’t have to be tacky. These small gems make a fun ditsy floral print that’s dainty and perfect for CNY. Plus the transparent nail makes it a great hop onto the trend of jelly nails, where your nails are painted in a transparent hue.  Line art
While extensions and blinged out manicures gain popularity, another popular manicure style that’s come up is having transparent or milky hued nails with hand-drawn line designs and abstract drawings. This subtle nail art is great for all the minimalists who don’t want to amp up their classic manicure, but don’t want over the top nails.  Bright neons
An alternative to glitter and bling – big and bold neon nails. If you’d like to make it more eye-catching, pair your neon nails with a white nail art design to make it really pop.  Gold = "Huat"
What other way to say “huat” than with gold during CNY? These gold mirror nails will be the main attraction when playing mahjong.  Nude Stilettos
Nude nails should be a staple in your arsenal – understated but very elegant. With extensions, it’ll have you exuding classy and minimalist vibes. Plus, a nude shade means you’ll be able to match your nails with any outfit you pick: a win-win for all.