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Senior Designer Adeline Eng Shares Her Obsession With Crazy Coloured Hair

As part of this month’s focus on the disrupters shaking up fashion, beauty and design now, the Female team shares the wildest names and things they’re into (like, really, really into). Here, senior designer Adeline Eng shares hers.

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“It might be the trend of the moment, but bleached locks have been my signature look for the past decade. I’m always on the lookout for new shades, often turning to Pantone colour charts for inspiration (what can I say, job hazard).”


“I’ve experimented with the likes of pastel purple, rose gold, ash blue and – my latest – ombre dusty pink with the help of my colourist Joanne Hee of Impression Hair. It’s a small, affordable joint located beneath an HDB block in Bedok, yet she’s always got her finger on the next It look.”


An adapted version first appeared in Female’s September 2016 issue.

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