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Guess Which Beauty Icon is Turning 50 as Well

Loved by skincare junkies, socialites and industry insiders (basically everyone in the know), Creme de la Mer celebrates her golden jubilee with a limited edition jar.


For the past 50 years, Creme de la Mer has been associated with luxury and good skin. The complexion-saving moisturiser was first created by physicist Dr Max Huber to heal and soothe the burns he sustained in a laboratory accident. Inspired by the regenerative properties of the sea, Huber fermented nutrient-rich kelp – along with other ingredients – to create the La Mer’s signature miracle broth, an ingredient present in all of the brand’s skincare.

To commemorate its 50th birthday, La Mer is releasing a limited edition bottle of its bestselling cream. Finished in brushed amber gold (the same hue as its legendary miracle broth), this exclusive product is designed with the original brand signature from Dr. Huber’s very first jar. The Amber Heritage Creme de la Mer is available in two sizes: 60ml ($480) and an extra-large 500ml ($3,150). Only 10 pieces of the XXL bottle will be exclusively available at Tangs Plaza. Three of them have already been reserved so you gotta hustle!

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