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This Customisable Facial Treatment Takes Personalisation Very Seriously

Relaxing, leaves skin looking refreshed with zero downtime and suitable for just about anyone with its over 1,000 combinations? Now this is a customised facial treatment that will leave all busy women professionals glowing.

Bespoke anything tends to be big business – who doesn’t like the idea of having something made (often from scratch) just for oneself and the sense of exclusivity it comes with? In beauty, it’s an approach that’s even more relevant. After all – as homegrown beauty brand Porcelain puts it – “no two skins are the same”. With skin type, concerns and lifestyles varying across individuals, the company co-founded by Pauline Ng and known for its innovative treatments (think the visage-slimming Proionic and complexion-firming, honey-based Beespoke facial) has come up with a customisable facial that takes personalisation to a whole new level.

Dubbed CryoZap™, the 90-minute-long experience that taps onto the benefits of cryotherapy and IPL (explains its name) is meant to instantly rejuvenate one’s complexion – perfect for professional go-getters with a hectic schedule (or getting ready to work in a post-circuit breaker world where skincare is likely to take precedence over makeup, what with virtual meetings set to be the norm). Available at all of the brand’s branches including its high-tech Porcelain Origins spa at Paragon, it uses medical-grade equipment to apply radio and light frequencies, microcurrents and a cocktail of serums all based specifically on one’s skin condition. What this means: It can be adapted to suit almost every skin type (expectant mums and those with hypersensitive skin are the only exceptions) with reportedly over 1,000 different ways in which this treatment can be configured, so to speak.

porcelain customised facial

Available at the high-tech (and highly Instgrammable) Porcelain Origins spa at Paragon, the CryoZap™ is a treatment meant for all with over 1,000 combinations to suit all skin types and concerns.

Naturally, it kicks off with an in-depth review of one’s complexion. At Porcelain, this is called the Skin Discovery Analysis and involves therapists inspecting customers’ skin under a device that magnifies its surface by as much as 80 times as well as a comprehensive Q&A on one’s lifestyle, skincare routine and more. Mine tells me that there are areas on my face that are congested and dehydrated (you can read about some of my skin woes here and here) so after a quick double cleanse, she pats on a mix of Porcelain’s Sebum Control Essence and Hyaluronic Acid Serum to control excess oil production while delivering a constant stream of hydration. It all seems straightforward enough, but soon comes the even more high-tech – and highly personalised – touch.

Firmly yet gently, my therapist applies a stamping motion all over my face with a device called the Cryostamp, which boasts micro galvanic needles of lengths ranging from 0.25mm to 0.5mm and administers circulation-boosting, anti-ageing microcurrents. It sounds painful, but is in fact rather bearable. The main purpose of this step is to increase the permeability of skin’s cell structure, allowing better penetration of the active ingredients in the skincare. She repeats it with a second layer of the serum cocktail and immediately, my skin looks more radiant and feels softer. I’m already impressed, but we are only midway through the full CryoZap™ experience.