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This Customisable Facial Treatment Takes Personalisation Very Seriously

Relaxing, leaves skin looking refreshed with zero downtime and suitable for just about anyone with its over 1,000 combinations? Now this is a customised facial treatment that will leave all busy women professionals glowing.

My therapist then applies on another custom blend, this time made up of Porcelain’s Sensitive Serum and Aloe Gel to calm, soothe and lock in moisture. Switching over to the Micro-Current CryoProbe machine (used also in the brand’s popular CO2 Skin Renewal treatment) that she administers in circular motions across my face, she lowers the temperature of my skin to between -15 to -25 degrees celsius – a process said to stimulate and repair cells while again helping to optimise product penetration. Strangely, the metal plate felt cool – not cold – to the touch and had a relaxing effect that was not one bit uncomfortable.

What follows is the equally personalised IPL half of the CryoZap™ facial. Here, the therapist is meant to work with three different light colours, each with their own benefits and to be mixed and matched to cater to different concerns: red to reduce redness, blue to kill unwanted bacteria and boost collagen production, and yellow to rejuvenate skin and lighten pigmentation. My combination: red and blue (congested skin, remember?). It came with a hint of pain, but it was bearable and those doing this treatment mid-day would appreciate how the IPL does not leave any visible signs of redness or sensitivity. Better yet, it’s also said to help fade acne scars, control sebum production and brighten overall skin tone.

CryoZap™ ends with one of Porcelain’s 12 special in-house masks, chosen based on your personalised needs. What was recommended for me? The Hydrocare Bio-Cellulose Mask, which boasts active ingredients such as antioxidant-rich fig fruit extract and lychee extract, which treats dark spots, protects against free radicals and helps fight the signs of ageing. Coupled with a soothing shoulder massage, its overall effect certainly makes one feel – and look – refreshed. I emerge from my treatment with softer, plumper, brighter and more even-toned skin. And because of how painless and gentle it was with the serums leaving no residue, I could leave without applying any foundation or concealer – and head right out looking, well, my personal best.

The CryoZap™ Facial Treatment is available at all Porcelain spas. Call +65 6227 9692, Whatsapp +65 9721 1008, or visit to make an appointment.

First-timers can sign up here to enjoy a trial at $220 (U.P. $459), which includes a complimentary Skin Discovery and Product starter kit.