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6 Beauty Tools At Every Budget You Need To De-Puff Your Face

From traditional guasha methods to new-age microcurrent technologies, here are the beauty tools to help you de-puff your face.

Whether it’s the late night partying or the snacking through the day, there are many reasons why some of us wake up with a puffy face in the morning. And while it does subside through the day, it’s not the best feeling waking up looking a little swollen (especially if you’ve got a big day of important meetings and events ahead); so what’s the quick fix to de-puffing your face?

Enter, the tools to help you massage the puff away from your swollen face. From traditional  jade rollers to a cool microcurrent treatment device, here are the beauty tools you can count to have you walking out the door with the swelling going down. 

ReFa Carat Ray Face, $330
This highly raved facial roller is not your run off the mill facial massager. With its kneading motion meant to replicate that of an esthetician’s, this facial massager will help boost circulation and reduce water retention on your face. Plus, the roller makes use of microcurrent technologies to enhance collagen production, so you know you’ll be looking sharper and radiant after using this roller. Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor, $98
This facial sculptor makes use of the technique of guasha to de-puff your face. With a scraping of your face with the tool to increase blood circulation in the face, this will help de-puff and sculpt the face when used over a long period of time. Do remember to use a facial oil when using this tool for guasha though, as the tugging on your bare skin might cause more harm than help. Jade Roller Beauty Jade Roller Amethyst by JRB , $111
Similar to the ReFa facial roller, this jade roller does the job of helping to de-puff your face at a lower price tag. This jade roller is also a more effective way to massage your skincare products into the skin. Pop this roller into the fridge the night before and you’ll have a nice refreshing facial massage the next morning. Foreo Iris Eye Massager, $149
Specially made for the eye area, this massager is good for depuffing the eye area and reducing the appearance of eye bags. The Iris Eye Massager makes use of a T-sonic technology to help battle puffiness and dark circles.   NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device, $570
Expect to see results beyond just getting de-puffed with this luxurious device packed with the award-winning microcurrent treatment. This device is meant to simulate the results of a facelift in 5 minutes, and boasts to help tone facial muscles, improve skin tone and reduce fine lines. Lumiere de Vie Ice Roller, $23.50
An alternative to gliding an ice cube across your face, this ice roller is a hack for many red-carpet celebrities to help them de-puff any reduce any redness. The ice-cold roller helps constrict your blood vessels and tightens the skin as well.