It’s no secret that we are big fiends of K-beauty. Nevermind that it may endorse a 10-step (or more) skincare routine, we embrace it in all of its glory. Even if all the steps may seem a tad bit extra at the start, it seems that when K-beauty speaks, the rest of the world listens and takes notes. Case in point: the emergence of  Western skincare brands. Which is why we’ve brought it upon ourselves to demystify emulsions and bring you the true tea on where emulsions fit into your skincare routine.

In short, emulsions are the lightweight sisters of moisturising creams. Unlike most heavy facial creams, emulsions are typically water-based, which means that they go on lighter and thinner than these creams. All in all, emulsions are supposed to be absorbed into the skin much more quickly to soften and moisturise it, rather than sit on top of the skin the same way heavy-duty moisturising creams do.

Those with oily or combination skin: rejoice. If emulsions aren’t already a part of your beauty arsenal, they may just be your new top-shelf product. Since they’re formulated to be non-sticky hydrators, they will make for great daytime moisturisers that won’t clog pores. Plus, your emulsion still delivers the hydration your skin thirsts for while leaving it feeling comfortable in the humid Singapore weather.

As for dry skin types, don’t be too quick to dismiss emulsions. Even though emulsions may not suffice as the only source hydration you need, it acts as a great source of extra moisture before your daily moisturiser. More is more, right? Pro tip: if you want to double up on the nourishment, go ahead and add an oil to your emulsion, so that your skin receives a balance of water and oil-based moisture.

Typically, emulsions are the step that comes in between your serum and before your final moisturiser. In some cases, emulsions are formulated to be the final step. More often than not, it’s the case of the former if the fine print of the product doesn’t state otherwise.

Ahead, the emulsions to amp up your skincare cupboard.