Fix clogged pores and reveal fresh, glowing skin with these deep cleansing facials.

 Detox Skin Deep Cleansing Facials 2

Kkum Signature Facial Cocktail

Where: Dream Plastic Surgery, #17-03/04 Paragon Medical, tel: 6871-8888 Price: $468

How: You wouldn’t think much could be done in an hour these days, but this really packs it in – in a good way. Cleanse, exfoliate, a quick extraction, a gentle chemical peel for five minutes, another exfoliation with an enzyme scrub, and lastly, a mask to soothe and repair.

Verdict: Although my face feels a little sensitive after, my complexion looks obviously brighter and, possibly, fairer. My skin also feels less clogged and cleaner. This is definitely something I want to do again!


Where: DrGL Loves DrSpa, 27 Lorong Liput, tel: 6465-8880 Price: $300

How: I’ve always thought I have a greasy face because it’s, well, greasy. After a consultation here, I’m told that my skin is overproducing sebum because it is so dry outside  – courtesy of frequent intense outdoor sports. To clear the debris and remove clogs: microdermabrasion with a diamond exfoliator head that grazes skin and removes impurities, which actually feels kind of nice. This is followed by black head extraction – now, this is painful (and unavoidable). A cooling gel mask (from Dr Georgia Lee’s DrGL skincare range), which apparently releases CO2 to improve circulation, reduce acne and help contour, then wraps up the facial.

Verdict: My face feels alive, fresh and smooth. No redness, swelling (the CO2 mask helps) or breakouts. I’m thinking of doing this once a month from now on.

Deep Deep Clean

Where: The Sloane Clinic, #03-01 Chevron House, tel: 6533-2522 Price: $279

How: This one-hour facial combines microdermabrasion and ultrasonic deep pore purging. It begins with a gentle double cleanse, followed by microdermabrasion using microscopic crystals to polish skin. Next, an ultrasonic device vibrates over the face to supposedly “loosen” blackheads and decongest pores. The final step: a hydrating sheet mask – chosen according to skin’s needs – for 10 minutes.

Verdict: The pores on my nose seem smaller and several small bumps on my chin have disappeared. I look more radiant and skin feels smoother too. This is great for women who use makeup frequently or need a complexion reboot to get rid of hidden impurities.