Being the largest organ in our body, it is crucial we take proper care of our skin, especially after all the Chinese New Year festivities where greasy foods, snacks and late night gatherings are daily indulgences. Whether its pollutants, dirt or even the toxins from the ton of makeup you’ve been applying for your visits, here are some simple — but key — steps to detoxify your skin for a clearer, more radiant complexion, post Lunar New Year.

#1: Double cleanse — properly

Hands up if you were guilty of sleeping with your makeup on (at least once) these past few days. But here’s the deal: it is so (so, so) important to cleanse your skin at night to remove all the makeup, gunk and grime. When you sleep with your makeup on, your skin cells are unable to renew themselves, resulting in duller complexions. Congestion and clogged pores are a given, leading to unwanted breakouts. If you get too tired (or lazy) and just want to head to bed, we recommend cleansing oils. You can use them in the shower so it is really fuss-free and it gently melts away makeup so you don’t have to worry about any tugging on your skin.

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#2: Mud masks

The particles, bacteria and dust in the air that settle on your skin can not only irritate skin, clog pores and result in breakouts, they can also cause free radical damage that in the long run leads in a loss of elasticity, fine lines, pigmentation and roughness. To prevent this, it is important to apply detoxifying masks to help deeply cleanse, purify and unclog skin.

#3: Hydrate your skin

Whether it is using a cream or serum, hydration is one of the most important steps in any skincare regime, and even when your skin needs a detox. When skin has sufficient moisture, it will appear plumper, smoother, feels softer and is better able to reflect light for naturally more luminous skin.

#4: Drink lots of water

It might be common knowledge that drinking water helps to clear out your system but many of times, we fail to drink the appropriate amount. Not only does it help to eliminate the toxins in your body, it is also one of the easiest ways to achieve a hydrated and glowing complexion.

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