A (Powerful) Shortcut To Getting Bright And Youthful-Looking Eyes

by Gordon Ng   /   June 10, 2021

How does one get his or her peepers looking years younger in a matter of weeks? Dior Beauty conjures up a new serum that’s meant to make the quest a no-brainer.

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul,” wrote The Alchemist author Paulo Coelho. It’s a philosophy that resonates with the folks at Parfums Christian Dior though not quite for the same romantic reason.

Using oculometry (essentially the tracking of eye movement) as part of what it calls the Dior Eye Power Study, the brand has discovered that when evaluating another person’s age and attractiveness, the majority of people – whether subconsciously or otherwise – focus first and foremost on the said subject’s eyes. 

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Factor in how mask-wearing has made the peepers an even more prominent feature and the finding hits harder. If the quest for youthful-looking eyes has gotten hotter, where should one turn to next?

For the French beauty giant, Madagascar has always been the answer – or more specifically, the longoza flower cultivated in the East African country. So adept is this deep red bloom at thriving even on scorched, arid land that it’s been nicknamed the “eternal plant”.

In the maze below, chart the route for Dior’s Super Potent Eye Serum to reach your peepers

youthful eyes

According to Karl Pays – director of global research for LVMH Recherche – the potential of its extract to heal and regenerate skin cells was identified by Dior as early as 1992 and made central to its Capture Totale skincare range in 2006. The line has since become synonymous with helping to battle the signs of aging at the house.

Fast forward to today and the brand has introduced its latest elixir from the collection that’s targeted specifically at the eye area; its name fittingly grand: Super Potent Eye Serum.

In stores last month, it’s formulated with bio-cellular longoza complex, a technology said to stimulate the restorative properties of stem cells that would in turn give other cells a jolt, leading to a more revitalised complexion around the peepers.

youthful eyes
Credit:Dior Beauty

The applicator of Dior’s Super Potent Eye Serum is made of a special alloy said to cool skin by up to 1.5 degrees celsius upon contact, and boasts a flexible neck as well as wave-like grooves that mimic that on one’s fingertip.

The addition of rye extract – known to improve firmness – and acetylated hyaluronic acid (think of this as a super-charged version of the hydrating ingredient) further smoothens and plumps so much so that Dior promises wider, livelier eyes said to make one look four years younger in four weeks.

Deepening the allure of Super Potent Eye Serum is that 92 per cent of its ingredients are said to come from natural sources – the highest concentration among Dior’s skincare and most relevant at a time when more are seeking to know the origins of what they buy and put onto their bodies.

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It’s a “breakthrough” for the brand, says Patrick Choisy who heads up sustainable development at LVMH Recherche, as keeping a beauty formula as pure as possible without compromising its stability can be tricky. Over 600 hours and 80 trials took place before Dior achieved the efficacy and lightweight, milky texture of the serum.

Your cheat sheet to achieving youthful eyes

youthful eyes

And as with many magical concoctions, this one ropes in the wave – or rather, glide – of a wand. Every tube of Dior’s Super Potent Eye Serum boasts what the brand calls a 3D Cryo-Flex applicator that’s made of a special alloy said to cool skin by up to 1.5 degrees celsius upon contact, and boasts a flexible neck as well as wave-like grooves that mimic that on one’s fingertip.

The effect is not only ease of use no matter one’s eye shape, but also a mini massage that helps to reduce lines, puffiness and eye bags. May the route to brighter, younger-looking eyes be a walk in the park.

A version of this article first appeared in FEMALE‘S June 2021 Fashion Activity Book