Cushion makeup is probably one of the most popular items in beauty today and by now, it comes as no surprise to own one – or more – cushion compacts. They are versatile, great for touch-ups on-the-go and most contain a host of skin-loving ingredients to nourish your complexion, and they are not just limited to base makeup. From cushion blushers, highlighters to eyebrow products, cushion makeup has – one way or another – revolutionised our lives. With so many such products on the market, finding one that stands out from the rest is pretty tough but there’s a new cushion compact that has caught our attention.

dior capture dreamskin
Dior Capture Dreamskin Moist and Perfect Cushion, $105

Known as the Dior Capture Dreamskin Moist and Perfect Cushion ($105), this new product from the French brand is an expansion of its Dreamskin Cushion range (it has a total of four shades). While the other four compacts come in various shades, this comes in one universal shade (it’s shade 000), unlike many other cushion compacts, and reportedly works on all skin tones.

The range, as its name suggests, is meant to give you a flawless and luminous complexion of your dreams and this does just that. It is the brand’s first-ever non-tinted skincare cushion and it helps to enhance, correct and give a fresh, healthy and radiant finish. Designed to blur out imperfections and correct uneven skin tone, this new formula is perfect for every day. It is also shimmer-free, making it perfect for those with oilier skin types.

To create such a formula, the brand used biomimetic mica and soft-focus powders, which aid in correcting redness and uneven skin tone, as well as blurring out any imperfections. Glycerin works to hydrate skin throughout the day for a plump and soft complexion.

Besides that, it is also formulated with an Advanced Age-Defying Skincare Complex made with two key ingredients known as boosted longoza and opilia.

The former plays an important role in promoting the formation of a new group of mother cells found in the epidermis. This group of cells are responsible for collagen and elastin production, which decreases as we age. The result: plumper, tighter and more supple skin. The latter, on the other hand, targets skin’s chromatic imbalances to limit melanin (pigments that causes dark spots) production and combat dullness to restore radiance.

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