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FAVOURITE RESTAURANT “Because I travel so much, I like to go back home to Antwerp, Belgium. There’s a place called Roji that serves Asian-fusion cuisine. It’s in an old cave, close to City Hall, and is only open in the winter. It has an excellent chef and the best cocktails.”

GO-TO AUTHOR “I only read when I’m on holiday because I like to finish an entire book at one go. I like Agatha Christie as you can read her books over and over again. They keep you intrigued, but they’re not too long and are quite relaxing.”

ON HIS PLAYLIST “I don’t have a particular artist I like, but I always listen to disco and dance music. Also, Mozart’s Requiem is always on my iPod. It’s very dramatic but amazing, and carries you away when you play it really loud.”
dior fall winter makeup

MAKEUP STAPLESDiorshow mascara, because the brush is very big (so it gives a dramatic effect at photo shoots and shows). I’m also a big fan of Dior’s palettes because they have amazing colours and textures. I take them out of their boxes and put them into my own palettes – I still have some from the ’90s.”

BEST PLACE TO SHOP FOR BEAUTY “I’m always looking out for new products, and Tokyo always has them. I like to shop in the small, local stores as they have a lot of things that we can’t get in Europe, with interesting textures and packaging. The last time I was there, I found a beautiful sponge made of potatoes.”


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LATEST ART OBSESSION “Peter Paul Rubens’ paintings. I saw them in museums when I was a kid, but now I see them very differently. Previously, when I looked at them, I saw the stories he was trying to tell. Now, I see the colours and the brushstrokes, and how intricate they are.”

BEST CITY TO VISIT “New York. I used to live there for 12 years. Now I like to go back, but as a tourist, to explore the energy. The experience of living in a hotel there is really different.”

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