Kylie Skin

Remember that period in time when Kylie lied getting lip fillers? Enter, ahem, this “self-made” billionaire who’s expanding her cosmetics empire and going into the world of skincare with Kylie Skin. 

For those who have successfully blocked the Kardashians from their social media feeds and lives (please, DM me your secrets), the youngest of the Kardashian Krew launched a nothing-above-US$30 (S$41) skincare line with similar baby pink aesthetic as the OG millennial beauty brand, Glossier.

Here’s what’s obvious — nothing in the line is going to change your life, or your skin if you have serious issues like acne, discolouration and the works. The price point is also targeted at a younger market, those who still, ahem, believe that Kylie’s bosoms and derrière are the work of puberty, and not a skilled surgeon in Calabasas. The line is probably great for those learning how to use skincare in their teens, without serious issues, but for the rest of us, the concentration of the active ingredients in the line is really low, which isn’t surprising, considering the price point.

And here’s what I’m going to tell you next. The skincare has Kylie Jenner’s name, but it is definitely not by Kylie. It’s by a skilled team who want to make money from the demographic that are Kylie’s fans. It checks all the boxes – it’s bubblegum baby pink, it’s vanilla-scented, it has all the bestselling SKUs in skincare in that age category, including makeup wipes, a scrub and a foaming cleanser.

In case you didn’t get the memo, Kylie didn’t get her skin from this skincare. From the Snapchat video she posted, she not only looked like she has never washed her face ever before, she also has never owned a face towel until that day (did you see the tag still on it?), and only owns one of it (see the foundation marks on it? Ew.).

Oh yes, did I also mention that she’s trying to sell a skincare product with a filter on? Great marketing skillz, Jenner. Kylie would have probably gotten more cred if she admitted the slew of treatments and facial procedures like Botox and fillers that she gets done regularly, and uses these products as a very basic line. That said though, there are some things you should steer away from.

While Kylie claims that her Walnut Face Scrub is her “secret to a fresh face”.

Twitter user Makeup for WOC pointed out that walnut scrubs can lead to unwanted results, including redness and sensitive skin. With all the chemical exfoliation in the world, is Kylie’s team just giving us St Ives in pink packaging? So it seems.

The product is literally made up of crushed walnut shells, so it’s actually creating microscopic tears in the top layer of your skin allowing bacteria to penetrate deeper. Clearly, they learned nothing from the St Ives Apricot Scrub lawsuit, huh?

My verdict? If you still have a Krush on Kylie and you’re 16-year-old, go get everything. If you’re looking for a similar-priced skincare range with supercharged active ingredients that actually deliver? Go forth and get The Ordinary