The former orthopedic doctor turned skincare guru to the stars (she’s famous for pioneering the vampire facials made famous by Kim Kardeshian and is best friends with Cher) was in town recently to talk about her eponymous beauty line and give us her take on good skin.

Biggest Beauty Misconception
“Women think they have to do a lot in order to achieve a lot. I find women are obsessed with using too many products, and in the end they get skin inflammation due to overuse. I think less is more, and from the less the very best ingredients.”

The Perfect Skincare Regime
“An optimal skincare routine is one that takes care of inflammation and is super hydrating. The perfect regime shouldn’t include parabens, fragrances or mineral oils. The products should help cells heal themselves rather than intoxicate them. I would recommend using a cleanser, serum, eye cream and moisturiser twice a day, and a mask twice a week. And if you’re going into the sun, add a sunscreen like my Sun Drops. Four to five products are enough.”



Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF50, USD $120 (approx. $163)

Treating Skin Sensitivity
“I think more and more women have sensitive skin because of a combination of diet, lifestyle and the products they use. People are overusing products and have a bad diet, which will appear on your skin. Good skin also needs less stress, more sleep, happiness and an educated idea about skincare.”

The Best Diet For Good Skin
“Drink water and tea. Avoid sodas, alcohol and too much medicine. Eat clean, and don’t consume too much dairy or carbs. Find food that is mostly organic and not gene manipulated.”

Treating Asian Skin
“Everyone needs hydrating and anti-inflammation products. But Asian skin tends to have a thicker epidermis and more collagen, which is great because you are less likely to get wrinkles. But when the epidermis is thick, it is harder to transport active ingredients into the skin. So it’s important to add serums into your routine because they can transport ingredients into your skin more easily. Asian skin also has higher melanin production, so you’re more likely to get hyperpigmentation, especially after laser treatments.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum, USD $263 (approx. $358)

Common Beauty Mistakes Women Make
“Applying too much makeup and not cleansing your face before you go to bed. If you see makeup videos nowadays, women apply multiple layers of makeup on their skin. It’s crazy. Makeup is not really good for your skin.”

Skincare Ingredients To Avoid
“Mineral oils and fragrance. The former dehydrates skin and clogs your pores, while the latter is irritating to skin.”

What Sets Dr. Barbara Sturm Skincare Apart
“I am focused on science, results and non-toxic ingredients. I like to make skin glow, and treat pores, irritation, redness and breakouts. I work towards healthy, natural skin.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream Rich, USD $160 (approx. $218)

Must-Have Products Of The Range
“The Hyaluronic Serum and the Face Cream. You’ll be happy with just these two products. After you wash your face, you apply the serum. It has short chain and long chain molecules. The short chain can go into the deeper layers of skin to restore moisture, while the long chain sits on top of your skin to give you instant hydration and glow. After that, just apply the Face Cream. It’s very light and soothing and goes right into your skin to give you a silky, beautiful tone. Our products are all anti-inflammatory and hydrating. Our approach is very healing and non-toxic.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm products are available at

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