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How Dr Dennis Gross Is Changing The Beauty Game One Product At A Time

And the best part? You can find the brand in Sephora stores now.

Founded by one of New York’s leading dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross in 2000, the eponymous beauty brand is known for its effective – and fuss-free -peels and other easy-to-use and effective skincare products that give results comparable to post-facial skin. We talk to co-founder Carrie Gross where she shared about the brand, skincare trends and more.

On the brand’s Alpha Beta Daily peel

Carrie Gross (CG): “The Alpha Beta Peel is our hero product and we have three formulas and each one is a little different. The whole concept of it is to deliver micro-exfoliation, giving you instant results without ever throwing the skin off balance and stripping it off. What’s wonderful about the daily peel is that it builds collagen so it is working for you every single day to stimulate cell turnover, encourage the natural process of our skin and slows down the rate at which cells age. The secret to it is the fact that it has two steps. Step one is an acidic step. Each pre-soaked pad is made with a blend of acids and the reason it is superior to any single mono-acid type of product is because each of the acids in step one has a different beauty benefit. So you’re working on pores, pigments, fine lines, uneven skin tone and more. After two minutes, step two comes in, which is an alkaline step and it is going to give you a pH flux plus other soothing and anti-ageing benefits that leaves a veil of protection on the skin. Another thing is that with this peel, you actually need less of everything else – you need less moisturiser because it balances your skin and you then need less makeup because your skin starts looking so good.”

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