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Dyson's New Fuss-Free Airwrap Styler Is Every Girl's Dream Come True

Yes, it curls without heat.

In the beauty industry, Dyson has always been known for its Supersonic hairdryer, which helps to speed up the time taken to blow dry your locks while ensuring it is not too overly damaged from the heat. Now, the brand has just launched its newest beauty tool called the Dyson Airwrap styler, which uses jets of air to allow you to achieve voluminous curls, natural waves and smooth blow-dry finishes.

While many such tools require heat, which may lead to damage, frizz and tangles, this does not. The brand has engineered a system that uses air and physics known as the Coanda Effect. This occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface and attaches itself to it due to the difference in pressure. By understanding this principle, the new beauty tool creates a vortex of air that spins in a circular motion, causing the hair to be wrapped around the varying barrel to create curls, natural waves or just a simple blow-dry effect.

There are three different variations to choose from, depending on the type of style you prefer. Each set comes with a pre-styling dryer and either soft, round or firm brushes. And yes, it is pretty easy to use: comb through your hair to create volume or hold it properly in place to allow your hair to be attracted to the barrel to form curls.

#1: The Dyson Airwrap Volume + Shape, $649
Ideal for those with super straight, lifeless and limp hair, this helps to add volume and body to flat tresses. It comprises two 30mm barrels, as well as soft and round brushes. #2: The Dyson Airwrap Smooth + Control, $649
Consisting of two 30mm and 40mm barrels and a firm brush, this is meant to control and smooth out frizz-prone hair so it looks more manageable, neater and less messy. #3: The Dyson Air Wrap Complete, $699
As its name suggests, this features all the tools (two 30mm and 40mm barrels, as well as firm, soft and round brushes) you need to create multiple hairstyles.