Even if you used all the hydrating shampoos, and detangling deep conditioning hair treatments, it’s pretty much pointless if you don’t have the right hair brush. With expert input from celebrity hairstylist Andrea Claire, here are the brushes and combs you need in your life. 

Dyson Detangling Comb

Comes in a set with a paddle brush, the Dyson Detangling Comb is “great for working conditioner through your hair — something you should do so your conditioner distributes evenly through your hair. Always do that before you wash your conditioner out,” says Andrea. 

Tangle Teezer

If you get knots, Tangle Teezers are a lifesaver. “I love Tangle Teezers, and especially the compact ones so they don’t get crushed when you’re travelling or if you want to make one on you throughout the day,” advises Andrea.

Dyson Paddle Brush

Comes with the earlier-mentioned Detangling Comb, Andrea recommends the Paddle Brush for blow-drying the hair. “I would use the paddle brush to blow dry the hair if I don’t want to maintain curl to it. It helps to dry the hair a bit smoother. The brush is also a big square so if you want to bring your hair back into a ponytail, it doesn’t pull on the hair.”

Wet Brush 

“A traditional vent brush, or a skeleton brush are a bit more rectangular but I like this shape a little bit better because you can grab more hair and allows the air flow to go through it so that’s why they’ve got the vents in it,” explains Andrea.

Tail Comb

People who like to heat style their hair should have a tail comb. A carbon comb is heat resistant so your comb won’t melt. When you’re combing dry hair, you want something that’s firm and doesn’t have flexibility.”

Round Brushes

Round brushes are not about your hair type — it’s about your desired outcome. The bigger the brush the bigger the curls, the smaller the brush, the tighter the curls. And I love Moroccanoil’s round brushes,” Andrea adds.