When it comes to splurging on beauty products, many of us would opt for cutting-edge anti-ageing serums or multi-purpose creams. One item that we tend to overlook would be a hairdryer. And of course, one to note is Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer. Priced at $599, it is definitely one of the most extravagant hair tools we have ever come across. However, when compared to many others, it stands out thanks to its ability to dry your locks faster due to its patented digital motor, which also uses intelligent heat control to protect hair from extreme heat damage.


Now, the brand has developed a new — and more luxurious — version of its iconic hairdryer known as the Dyson Supersonic 23.75 Karat Gold Hair Dryer. To be released on 23 November, the updated tool comes wrapped in thin leaves and foils of precious metals using a patented technique known as gilding, giving it the appearance of solid or inlaid metal.


Beneath the gold leaf is a red loop, which honours the traditional method of gilding. Like other gold-leafed pieces, the red loop on the product will reveal some of its colour over time, giving each gold-leafed hair dryer a distinctive and unique gloss. Two layers of 23.75k gold leaf from Florence, Italy, is then applied by hand and carefully brushed to form a smooth and even finish.

And while it may be quite pricey, its complex technology coupled with its intricate method of design not only helps maintain your locks better, but it also makes it even more special to use — what’s not to like?

Main image: Showbit.com