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The Latest Beauty Pop-Up In Singapore Wants You To Prioritise Sleep

Estee Lauder is the next brand to stage a temporary store on our shores, drilling down on one of the most important aspects of skincare: getting sufficient sleep.

If you are not already aware of how a lack of sleep, constant exposure to blue light and harmful environmental aggressors can affect our skin negatively, then this is the pop-up you have to check out. From Mar 23-24, at the Visual Arts Centre, Estee Lauder will be having its very own Power of Night pop-up boutique that aims to help raise awareness on how modern life (translation: hectic, stressful schedules and pollution) affects our skin.

According to research done by the brand, a lack of sleep not only affects our skin’s natural reparative process but also accelerates premature signs of skin ageing. Sleeping less than five hours every night increases the impact of stress on the body, resulting in a breakdown of collagen and elastin, causing it to be more susceptible to damage caused by environmental aggressors. When this happens, we are more prone to unwanted breakouts, skin dullness and other early signs of ageing.

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To alleviate this, it’s key to use skincare products that help maximise skin repair while we sleep, like like the brand’s iconic Advanced Night Repair Serum. It is powered by a ChronoluxCB Technology that works with the body’s natural circadian rhythm to boost skin repair and renewal functions for a more radiant and youthful-looking complexion the morning after.

At the pop-up boutique, customers are able to learn more about this prevalent issue and how one can care for their skin properly through a series of rooms, aptly named the Living Room and Bedroom. In the Bedroom, explore different ways of using the Advanced Night Repair serum and other beauty hacks. Bonus: you can even create a customised bedtime renewal routine and explore other products from the brand like the Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation, and its new lipstick collection Pure Color Desire.