YSL Beaute’s Mascara Vinyl Couture collection includes six lustrous and unexpected shades ($55 each), including this rich cobalt blue (#05).

Poor old eyelashes! Every season, women go nuts for different eyeshadows or liners, or Pinterest 12 dozen lipstick shades. Even eyebrows have become a talking point (to go bushy or not?). When it comes to lashes though, it almost seems that long, fluttery and soot black have become the SOP – whether you’re working with mascara, falsies or extensions.

Makeup artist Larry Yeo says the highly popular look makes sense: “Long lashes open up the eyes, bringing focus and brightness to your face.” In other words, it’s supposed to be a foolproof way to look young and doe-eyed. But aside from the Twiggy look of the ’60s, it’s not easy to think of more definitive, playful ways to experiment with one’s lashes – until now.

On this and next season’s runways, lashes were neon-coloured, glitter-encrusted or completely bare – a look that only draws greater attention to them. Technology wise, treatments now promise length and volume without the damage often thought to accompany perming and extensions. And there are dozens of lash-centric products – from nourishing serums to a veritable rainbow of mascaras. And, you know, unlike a smoky eye or a flicky ’50s look, all one needs is a coat (or five) of mascara, and there: a whole new statement.

On the runway

From imperfectly clumpy to neon-hued, lashes were the highlight and defined some of the freshest beauty looks on the S/S ’18 and F/W ’18 catwalks.


The products to know now

Think pop-hued mascaras and innovative serums that recently hit stores and make classic lash products seem, well, a little boring.

The treatments to know

For a more fashion-forward look with classic black mascara, swipe on multiple layers (and don’t fret if the finish is uneven).

Originally from Germany,  Lash Regrowth (both the name of the service and the salon offering it) supposedly makes lashes stronger, longer and thicker for up to two years. First, a serum made from plant stem cells is applied to the lash roots. Then, extremely fine needles are rolled over the area (this reportedly gives a tickling sensation). Besides helping the serum to penetrate, this is said to clear dead cells and stimulate follicles to help strengthen the hair roots. After needling, another coat of serum is applied, and the 75-minute treatment ends with a heated eye mask. Founder Jas Tan recommends two to three sessions
($380 each) at one-month intervals, at one of the salon’s branches at Clarke Quay Central or Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

Photography Zaphs Zhang Styling Imran Jalal Makeup Manisa Tan/Paletteinc, using YSL Beaute Model Marina/Mannequin

This story first appeared in Female’s June 2018 print issue.