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Spice Up Your Makeup With These Evening-Ready Coloured Liners

Paint the windows to your soul in shades of glimmering sapphires, royal emeralds, or tough onyx, if you will.

Lutz Huelle

As our nighttime glamour looks now begin from the mask up, eyes have become the focal point of the conversation more and more. A look at the Fall/Winter 2020 runways proves that life’s never dull with a hint of sparkle, chunky strokes, dazzling gem hues, and statement wings – just like those at Valentino to help you soar like a nightingale.

And whether you choose to experiment with a seductive dual-tone cat-eye a la Altuzarra, or trying to replicate Dior’s bold solid lines, or going for gold like French label Lutz Huelle, our eyeliner picks of-the-moment in shimmery metallic hues and jewel tones will do the trick.


Main Photo & Runway Photos

Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2020
Lutz Huelle Fall/Winter 2020
Dior Fall/Winter 2020
Valentino Fall/Winter 2020