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These 6 Face Masks Serve Up Next-Level Hydration For Smooth Skin

Hit refresh button with these masks for smooth, hydrated skin.
La Mer Treatment Lotion Mask, $230
Your favourite lotion in a hassle-free mask—each sheet is saturated with a full ounce of The Treatment Lotion’s energising and regenerating benefits to transform parched and dull skin instantly. Made with Japanese skin-hugging technology, this mask delivers a concentrated surge of healing hydration to plump and revitalise skin within minutes. After you’ve removed the sheet from your face, massage the excess lotion into skin and don’t let a single drop go to waste! FANCL Overnight Hydrating Pack, $58
Designed to work its restorative effects while you sleep, the FANCL Overnight Hydrating Pack infuses your skin with hyaluronic acid, silk peptide and amino capsule to replenish and lock in moisture. The gel-serum forms a protective veil over your skin to smooth out fine lines and lock in hydration—perfect for those who spend long hours in air-conditioning. HERA Aqua Recharging Sleeping Mask, $38
Get a fresh boost of hydration when you apply this gel mask on your skin. Botanical oils are encapsulated into tiny beads which burst upon application to deliver an intense dose of moisture to revive dry and thirsty skin. In addition, green tea extract is also used to further soothe and improve skin resilience. Simply apply a generous layer onto skin as the last step of your skincare routine and head to bed to wake up to smooth and supple skin. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Mask, $36
Perfect as a skin SOS whenever your skin is feeling extremely dry and tight, each Ceramidin mask is saturated with ceramide, an ingredient essential in rebuilding the skin’s moisture barrier layer so that moisture retention is improved. In addition, it also contains five hyaluronic acid complexes to hydrate all layers of the skin. We also love that the hydro mask shee contains dense fibres to adhere to skin perfectly for maximum product absorption. The formula is also hypoallergenic so it’s gentle enough even for sensitive skin. Saturday Skin Quench Intense Hydration Mask, $43
Like a refreshing cold drink on a hot day, this soothing bio cellulose sheet clings onto skin’s contours for optimal absorption of active ingredients. A mixture of hyaluronic acid, watermelon and aloe reduces redness, replenishes moisture and refreses skin—great for after sun exposure or whenever your skin needs a hydration boost. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask, $68
Designed to combat skin issues that stem from dryness, this mask infuses skin with essential fatty acids, ginseng extract, botanical oils and the brand’s Hadasei-3 complex—an exclusive blend of Akita rice, Uji green tea, and Okinawa Mozuku algae. Couple that with the added detoxifying properties and a silky soft texture that is delightful to apply, throw your feet up and enjoy some me-time as you treat your skin to newfound radiance.