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The Best Face Masks To Use According To Your Skin Type

Have oily skin? Combination skin? Dry skin? Sensitive skin? With so many face masks from endless brands on the market, it can be confusing to know exactly which face masks are best for your skin type. No worries though - here is your complete guide.

From clay masks to sheet masks to steam masks, the options for face masks are now endless. Not every type of face mask will be good for you, however – based on your skin type, using the wrong face mask can result in more harm than good. If you’re still unsure about which face masks are actually best for you, check out our comprehensive guide below.

#1: Oily skin

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Many have the idea that the end goal for oily skin is to remove the excess oil constantly. This might be true for some, and a clay mask is awesome for that, as it deeply cleanses pores without over-drying the skin.

However, for others, oily skin might also be the result of not moisturising your skin enough. When your skin is deprived of ‘good’ oil, it overcompensates by producing excess sebum, which makes your skin oilier. Hence, it is crucial to apply the right oil to restore the skin’s balance. In this case, the solution would be to go for masks with lightweight oils such as jojoba oil and tea tree oil, which can help to balance out oily skin. Avoid pore-clogging ingredients such as beeswax, which will worsen oily skin.

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