While some of us may go down the traditional route and use our own hands to rinse our face, some prefer using a facial cleansing device. These devices are not new and there are tons in the market. However, some devices may be too harsh for those with sensitive skin, which may lead to harmful effects such as irritation and inflammation. I personally enjoy using cleansing devices as it makes the entire cleansing process more enjoyable and pampering. And my skin often feels a lot smoother and softer when I use them. Because of this, I am always on the hunt for a device that is super gentle for my sensitive and acne-prone skin, while still clearing out the dirt that’s on my face after an entire day out. The most recent one I tried? The Refa Clear.

Known for its facial cosmetics and rollers, Japanese beauty brand Refa has just released its new Refa Clear facial cleansing device in Singapore. It comes with a unique 3D Sonic Ion Technology, which is said to be the first of its kind, and is designed to rid skin of stubborn grime and residual impurities through a gentle gliding and vibrating motion that doesn’t enlarge pores.

If you are as confused as I was when I first heard about the technology, here’s what it really does to our skin. It basically is a combination of three different functions that all work together to thoroughly cleanse skin.

facial cleansing device

First, the 3D Sonic Motion (which refers to the way the bristles move) offers the characteristics of an added 3D micro-movement (vertical and horizontal motions) that adheres easily to uneven surfaces of the skin to remove impurities from the fine ridges of our skin. Since it is a micro-movement, you will not be able to see it with the naked eye.

Next, the device uses the power of ions to easily attract dirt out from our pores. When the device comes in contact with skin, negatively charged impurities such as dead skin cells, sebum and makeup that are trapped deep in the pores are brought to the surface and extracted gently through the positive ionic charge of the Refa Clear.

facial cleansing device

Lastly, the ultrafine brushes on the device are made by Japanese craftsmen from the Kumano prefecture of Japan, so each brush is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. The unique curved shape and precise brush tips allow for efficient cleansing on uneven areas such as the wings of your nose. Each bristle is 0.01mm, which is thinner than pores to ensure a deep cleanse. What else we love about it: The Cushion Wave Technology prevents users from using too much pressure. When extreme pressure is applied, each bristle bounces out to cushion the impact, preventing skin damage.

facial cleansing device

Although you can use your preferred choice of foam cleansers with this device, I tried mine with the brand’s Cream Wash. After using it twice daily for about a week, my complexion looked obviously more radiant and my breakouts all cleared up. The best thing, my skin felt thoroughly cleansed but never dry.

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