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Here's Why We Are Obsessed With Facial Rollers

And we don't just mean the jade ones.

Hands up, who enjoys a more lifted appearance without the use of needles? Thought as much. While facial rollers (especially the jade ones) have been touted by almost every beauty influencer out there, I’ve been more obsessed with the ones from MDNA and Refa, which have become part of my nightly routine.

Used strategically (round the cheek, jawline, neck, under the eyes etc..) together with my pre-selected combination of products (anti-ageing serum or moisturiser), the facial roller takes the place of a quickie facial and one that I can do nightly. Over time, it has – as I’ve found out – become one of the most efficient (and not so time-consuming compared to facial treatments) methods to achieve a more lifted V-shape contoured appearance – and who doesn’t want that?

#1: Refa Carat Face, $279
When it comes to derma rollers, it’s close to impossible to miss out Refa. This features double drainage rollers, which uses a microcurrent technology to mirror the body’s natural electrical currents, to replicate the professional kneading movements of an aesthetician’s hand to boost blood circulation, reduce water retention and gets rid off unwanted toxins. It even softens signs of ageing and promotes natural collagen and elastin production. I personally love how its just the right size (so it fits in my hands comfortably) and its not too rough on my skin. #2: MDNA Skin The Onyx Black, $490
If you plan on splurging, you should definitely get this product. The rollers of The Onyx Black are crafted from a high-density black body carbon with Far Infrared Rays (which cannot be seen by the naked eye) to infuse the skin with rejuvenating electromagnetic waves. This helps to energise and rejuvenate skin for a healthier, well-rested complexion. The lift-and-hold motion of the two carbon rollers stimulates the skin and melts away tension with a soothing massage. The microstripe detailing on the surface of the spheres perfectly matches the contours of your face and neck for a uniquely relaxing sensation. Main image: