Other than the occasional pedicure, most of us tend to neglect our feet. Whether you’ve been shoving them into too small shoes, letting them weather hours of dancing on heels, or forgetting about them when moisturising, here are a few ways to bring back life into your hooves.

Use a lube for your feet

Sounds absolutely bonkers we know, but if you’re doing a lot of walking in shoes that haven’t been broken in — or are pretty but aren’t the most comfortable — using an anti-chafe product like Dr Scholl’s Active Series Blister Defense Anti-Friction Stick helps prevent blisters by shielding feet from shoe rubbing and friction. Alternatively, you can also use a good ole’ stick deodorant for your feet too.

Get rid of rough edges

Nobody likes rough, hard heels and soles. Use a pumice stone regularly while you’re in the shower so your manicurist doesn’t have to whip out the industrial strength stuff when you see her.

Start masking

If pregnant women have sheet masks for their bellies, then there’s definitely foot masks to keep you on your toes. Or rather, the soles of your feet, smooth. Try Baby Foot, an incredibly gratifying mask that literally works as a peel; it takes off the first layer of skin after a few days post-use.

Make sure to cleanse

Yes, it’s not just the face that we should be mindful to exfoliate. Spend a few minutes on each foot with an exfoliating cloth and scrub off the grime and the dead skin cells. Most of us in Singapore aren’t blessed with a tub we can soak in, but an extra wash will make all the difference.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

We’re all guilty of rocking flip flops a little too often in Singapore, and on top of the fact that they have minimal support for your feet, they’re also the culprits to having feet exposed to environmental stressors. Moisturise those babies before bed with something rich and hydrating like Egyptian Magic cream, and slip on a pair of socks. Baby feet await in the morning.

Images: Showbit.com