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What does a pop culture queen like Rihanna and everyday humans like us have in common? We all love good instantly defined, natural-looking brows, which is why she’s serving us some brow realness with the new Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler. Below, all the reasons why it’s going to live up to its name of being a true MVP when it comes to perfecting the brows.

1. It has a retractable tip

Translation: there’s no sharpening required here. So, rejoice if you’re no stranger with doing makeup on the go or if a product that requires a sharpener is too high maintenance a product for you.

2. …Which is also ultra-fine

The super fine-tipped pencil gives you precision when you outline and fill in your brows. It also gives you control when it comes to the thickness of your lines so that you can create hair-like strokes for that feathery boy brow look.

3. It won’t budge all day because it’s waterproof

So you can probably wear it in this unforgiving Singapore heat without much worries. That doesn’t mean that it’s of a drying formula though. It’s one that exists at the sweet spot between too creamy and too drying – to deliver you the exact amount of payoff you need every time.

4. There’s a shade to match every hair colour

Just like her super-inclusive line of foundations that are made to cater to even albino wearers, this brow pencil is also created with to focus on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones in mind. The Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler is available in 14 different shades – from strawberry blonde to ash brown to the deepest black.

5. The paddle-shaped brush isn’t only cool, it’s functional too

fenty beauty

While most brow pencils would feature a spoolie brush at the opposite end of it, this one features a Fenty-exclusive paddle-shaped brush that’s said to be great at to combing through and shaping up brows, while blending out excess colour without streaking.

6. It launches at Sephora on August 23

Yes, you can get your hands on it at Sephora stores for $32 each as soon as tomorrow rolls around. We don’t know about you but we would hate to have to wait any longer to try on this Ri Ri-endorsed brow pencil.

Below, all the shades you can expect.