Since it’s launch in 2017, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has gained widespread popularity not just for their racial inclusivity but also for their bestseller products (cue: Fenty’s Body Lava, Pro Filt’r Longwear foundations, and Killawatt highlighters). Recently, the brand’s global makeup artist, Hector Espinal (@artbyhector) was in Singapore for the release of the new #Sunstalkr summer collection. We got a chance to speak with him on his favourite products from the brand, makeup application tips for Singapore’s climate, and more.

Bronzers are his holy grail product

Hector Espinal (HE): I love bronzers just because I can do so much with it. I can do cheeks, nose, a smoky eye, mattify lips with it, I can do everything, the sky’s the limit with the bronzer. I worked really hard on them closely for 2 years for the #Sunstalkr collection so I would say they really are a favourite of mine.”

On picking out the ideal bronzer shade 

HE: “Fenty has already done the work for you, our Pro Filt’r foundations are divided into four families: light, medium, tan and deep. Within each family, there are two bronzers that match them with one being more neutral, and the other a little warmer. You start from your foundation shade and from there, choose the preferred accompanying bronzer shade.”

Application tips for the Sun Stalk’r bronzers

HE: “A good application tip is to use the two brushes that we created for this collection. The Sculpting Bronzer Brush creates a more chiselled approach, so you really just place the powder where you want it. The Cheek-Hugging Bronzer Brush is very forgiving and follows the natural curves of the face. You can use it for your nose and eyes too, it’s a very versatile brush.

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Application tips for the Sun Stalk’r bronzers

HE: “With bronzers, it’s really where the sun naturally kisses you. It’ll be the apples of your cheek, the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, and then the chin.”

Creating a fuss-free 5-minute makeup look from the Summer collection

HE: “Definitely use concealer first to create that nice beautiful base, then bronzer to warm up the cheek and complexion, and highlight–very important. Our Sun Stalk’r bronzers are intentionally matte so that you can strategically add the shine wherever you want. And finally, no glow is complete without the body so definitely add that Body Lava all over any skin that’s exposed.

Basically the entire collection–it’s that easy. There’s only a few to focus on so you might as well do the whole look and look nice and glowy.”

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Pro-tip for hot and humid climates like Singapore

HE: Rihanna is a performer so when she’s on stage it’s very humid as well. All of the products are made to be humidity resistant, especially the foundations and bronzers.

HE: “For me, a quick easy way is to always make sure you have a soft matte base, your t-zone should always be blotted. Use Invis-matte or if you like a more buttery effect, then go for our Instant-retouch powders. When you do application in this type of weather, the humidity won’t affect the layers of bronzers and shimmers if your base is settled.”


Hottest makeup trend to follow

(HE): Skin. Some common makeup mistakes woman make is applying too much. When I think about makeup, it’s meant to enhance your beauty, I feel when it transforms you, its good for certain occasions, but for the everyday women, it shouldn’t be. Choose one focus, embrace your natural skin, and make it better. Less is more.”

The Fenty Beauty by Rihanna #Sunstalkr collection is available now at Sephora outlets and here.