#1: Chances are, you’ll be out the entire day – and night – with friends. A great way of preventing your makeup from running is to do a midday blot. It removes excess oil without disturbing your makeup so your skin looks fresh and clean.

#2: Lack of sleep is common during the Christmas season and can cause dark circles. When hiding them, only apply product on areas with discolouration. If you conceal your entire undereye area, it can actually accentuate the circles.

#3: To look like you have a naturally glowing complexion, apply your highlighter before your foundation on areas you want to illuminate like your cheekbones and nose bridge. It will help you look fresher.

#4: Drink lots of water. This might sound basic but hydrating yourself can help to detoxify skin, especially if you’ll be consuming lots of junk food.

#5: If you’ll be out till late, then it’s all about your base. Use a primer on your face and lids to prevent your makeup from fading. After all, no one wants panda eyes and sallow skin.


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