Partying, late nights and alcohol can make your face look puffy the next day. These night serums and moisturisers help to fight the bloat, so you look fresh when you wake up.  

Beauty Skincare Night Serum Moisturiser 2


1. Cle de Peau Beaute Synactif Cream, $1,800

This night moisturiser reportedly boosts lymphatic drainage to get rid of excess fluids and waste, so your face looks slimmer and more contoured.


2. Origins Ginzing Energy-boosting Moisturizer, $50

A lightweight gel-cream, this has caffeine, which supposedly helps to prevent water retention. Bonus: It leaves a cooling sensation that revives you.


3. Dior Capture Lift Ultra-stretch Reshaping Serum, $205

This has yeast extract that reportedly restores healthy blood flow to skin and prevents fluids from seeping into surrounding tissue, which causes unwanted volume and puffiness.


4. Clarins Shaping Facial Lift, $106

Zerumbet ginger extract in this serum is said to help prevent blood capillaries from over-dilating (which leads to fluids leaking into skin tissues) – a cause of bloating.