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Sheet masks have long been a staple in my skincare regime so when I heard that an industry favourite was releasing a new line for younger women, I was intrigued. Taiwanese skincare brand For Beloved One’s Bio-Cellulose masks are loved by beauty editors, celebs (Barbie Hsu reportedly uses one every night to keep her complexion fair and even) and makeup artists alike for their gentle formulas and fast results.

But at $63 for a box of three, the brand’s iconic masks leans more towards the pricier side. So when I found out that For Beloved Girl (the more affordable sister brand of For Beloved One targeted to the millennial woman) came up with new, high-quality facial masks, I had to try them.

The range comes with a total of six different types of sheet masks, each containing mineral concentrations such as hyaluronic acid to hydrate and give skin added plumpness, calcium lactate to enhance pore cleansing, citric acid to brighten, potassium chloride to firm, zinc gluconate for oil control and copper gluconate to repair signs of ageing or fatigue, all common skin concerns of younger women.

The series of masks are made with top-grade cotton and textile technology known as the “cloud-silk” mask. Almost like a second skin, the lightweight sheets are translucent and are able to fit over the contours of my face right down to the smallest of crevices. However, since the masks are very thin and flimsy, it was a bit of a trouble to unwrap the entire mask to evenly spread it out on my face. I also noticed that there was no strong fragrance immediately when I opened the mask, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

After trying them out, the two that I am most obsessed with is the Extreme Moisture and Instant Skin Renewal masks.

for beloved girl

Although I do have an oily T-zone, my skin is fairly dry around the cheek area. This hydrating mask not only contains hyaluronic acid, which penetrates into the deeper layers of my skin to deliver optimal moisture, it also has sodium lactate to hydrate and restore balance to my skin. During the masking process, I felt a slight cooling sensation that was extremely refreshing. After 15 minutes, I was impressed with the results. My skin was visibly more plump, radiant and clear. It also felt a lot softer and smoother with a natural luminosity.

for beloved girl

Another of my favourites is the Skin Renewal mask, which contains calcium lactate to soften dead skin and enhance pore cleansing, clearing the skin while also boosting metabolism. The Akomplex AHA flower ingredient present in the mask contains roselle, rosehip and viola tricolour extracts which are packed with rich vitamins for deep cleansing. After application, my skin immediately felt tighter and firmer. My blackheads also appeared less obvious. It also helped to minimise the size of my pores and my skin was visibly clearer. I’m hooked.

Each box comes with three sheet masks and retails for $16 at Sephora. 

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