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You need more than just a good cleanser when travelling

Margaret Wu (MW): “Good cleansers, sunscreen and effective masks are my top three skincare products when travelling. Putting on sunscreen is very important to prevent your skin from damaging, so I have to apply it before going outdoors. At the end of the day, I always make sure to cleanse my skin properly to allow it to breathe and rest well. I believe a good cleanser should be gentle on skin yet able to completely clean pores and hydrate skin without stripping off its essential oils. I also always bring a variety of sheet masks with me when I travel. They take up little space but do a lot by nourishing the skin promptly and effectively. Also, I love to apply masks during my trips to pamper myself and relax.”

for beloved one


Serums and creams are a must at night

MW: “The one step in my nighttime skincare routine I never skip is applying an anti-ageing serum and cream. While many anti-ageing products contain either squalane or ceramide only, For Beloved One’s Advanced Anti-Aging Ceramide Squalane serum is rich in both ingredients to plump, nourish and repair skin at night. After applying my serum and cream, I’ll gently cover my face with both of my palms to give warmth to it, to enhance the absorption of the skincare products.”

for beloved one


Make moisturising a priority in the morning

MW: “Our skin tends to get dry easily in the day so an effective moisturiser that provides long-lasting hydration yet is non-greasy is necessary for the daytime. The unique texture of For Beloved One’s Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Surge Cream breaks into micro-water molecules while releasing the powerful hydrating ingredients and form a moisturising membrane on the skin. With its hydrating power and dewy texture, it is especially suitable for hot and humid climates like Singapore.”

for beloved one

Gently massage skincare products onto your face

MW: “I always spread skincare products evenly between my palms and gently press it on my face, instead of using big gestures such as pulling or tugging. The pressure from my palms to my face helps the skincare products penetrate quickly into my skin, which effectively accelerates skincare products absorption.”

Beauty is more than just skincare

MW: “Besides skincare, I value the importance of staying in shape and eating healthily so I always make sure to consume at least five different kinds of vegetables daily and at times, I add some nuts and olive oil to my salad. I also exercise on a regular basis. I take walks for an hour or jog for 30-40 min. I also make sure I do 240 sit-ups twice a week. While I do sit-ups, I apply a sheet mask at the same time. I rely on sheet masks a lot, they’re very convenient and efficient.”

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