foreo luna mini 3

The first and most important step of a good skincare routine is always a good ‘ol cleanse. Cleansing properly is so vital because it removes make-up, impurities, dead skin cells and excess oil. Not to mention that it also sets the tone for all your expensive serums and masks that comes after it.

Enter a new nifty, little device that now exists in stores to make all our lives a tad bit easier (at least when it comes to cleansing) – Foreo’s Luna Mini 3. Priced a $235, it’s the latest pocket-sized iteration of Foreo’s Luna facial cleansing line. And below, just five reasons that it’s got our seal of approval.

1. It cleanses your skin better than your bare hands can

Said to remove 99.5 per cent of dirt and oil from the face, the little face-gadget distributes 8,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute to get that cleaner-than-clean feeling. The ‘T’ stands for transdermal and the T-Sonic pulsations are designed to work deep into the layers of the skin – to cleanse it gently and remove traces of makeup too.

2. It has a new cleansing mode that saves even more time

As if the original cleansing cycles of 60 seconds aren’t short enough, the Swedish brand’s latest device debuts a never-seen-before mode – called the Glow Boost – that cleanses the whole face in just 30 seconds. Time-saving? Check. Radiant skin? Double-check.

3. It’s suitable for all skin types 

Yes, even if your skin is ultra-sensitive and turns an angry, red shade at the slightest sign of too much friction, this one won’t irritate it. Because it has 12 intensities to choose from, you can adapt the pressure to how your skin is feeling too.

4. You’ll never misplace it again

If you’re worried about losing it in the abyss of your dump bag whenever you bring it out of the house, its ‘Find My Luna’ feature is already 10 steps ahead of you. Activated via the brand’s app, your device emits a buzzing noise that leads you to it when it’s out of sight.

5. Its predecessors are cool girl-approved

What do Chrissy Teigen, Meghan Markle, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian have in common? Clear skin – and they’ve all given the credit to a Luna device. Since the Luna Mini 3 is basically the newer and improved version of those that have come before it, it’s just a quicker way to get celebrity-like flawless skin.