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Former Cirque Du Soleil Makeup Artist Tells Us About The Most Amazing Faces In The Show

Former Cirque Du Soleil makeup artist Karine Denoncourt shares the most elaborate stage makeup in the recently concluded Totem production and her go-to skincare and makeup tips.

Karine Denoncourt (centre) with the frogmen in Totem, which ran in Singapore from Oct 28 to Dec 13.

The most important makeup technique for performers

“There are a lot of steps to follow when the performers apply their own makeup every night before the show. One of the most important makeup techniques to have is the ability to blend the colours used to contour their faces, and also blending eyeshadows well to add intensity to the base colours. Learning how to blend properly with sponges and brushes is definitely the key (to achieving a good makeup look).”

The most difficult ‘faces’ to create in Cirque du Soleil Totem

“The frogs that are opening the show with the high bar number. It takes the performers between 45 minutes to one hour every night to apply their makeup. It’s also the only design in the show that requires airbrushed products to reproduce the dots that are printed on their costumes onto their faces.”


Rules to keep when applying makeup for everyday

“Keep it simple: Sometimes with makeup, less is more. Besides sticking to a 15-20 minute daily routine, I recommend using a good liquid foundation with the appropriate coverage and colour for your skin type. Make sure you apply loose powder and a powder puff to set it properly so it stays on all day.”

Mistakes to stop making when applying skincare or makeup

“In general, we tend to think that really expensive skincare products are better for skin. But I believe that going back to basics is simpler and better. For example, (instead of) spending a lot of money on makeup removers, use olive oil or coconut oil to remove your makeup every night and wash your face with a gentle soap. A lot of skin problems come from the fact that people don’t remove their makeup properly or scrub their face too hard before going to bed, which can cause the skin to break out. I also really like the rotating brushes from brands like Clarisonic: They gently and deeply clean all the makeup from your skin, and are a must-have for everyone who wears makeup everyday.”

The one facial feature women should always be mindful of

“The shape of your eyebrows. I see a lot of women putting too much makeup on their eyebrows or making them too dark, too big, too small or too sharp. Eyebrows are the most important expression lines on your face, so ask for professional help (from a beautician) before you make any drastic changes.”


Main image: @cirquedusoleil Instagram

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