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Banish Freckles, Spots & Dullness With These Skincare Products

#1: The Body Shop Drops Of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum, $43.90
Just a couple of drops of this fast-absorbing hydrating serum, packed with vitamin C-rich red algae extract, promises not only to reduce sallowness, but also to minimise pores and refine skin. #2: Lancome Absolue Precious Cells White Aura Brightening Concentrated Lotion, $135
The gel-like texture glides over skin and rapidly melts in, infusing skin cells with brightening and anti-ageing molecules, while white peony extract supposedly regulates melanin formation and firms skin for a flawless glow. #3: The Face Shop White Seed Pure Vitamin Concentrate, $38.90
White lupine seed and white daisy extracts have purported skin-brightening benefits. Here, they’re blended with highly concentrated pure vitamin C to create an ultra-potent spot-lightening treatment. #4: Astalift White Perfect UV Clear Solution, $72
This multi-tasking hero doubles as a sebum-absorbing makeup base, while protecting skin throughout the day, thanks to microcapsules that release vitamin C and antioxidants when exposed to UV rays. It also tells you when to reapply – its cap changes colour when exposed to UVA rays. An adapted version of this appeared in Female‘s May 2016 issue. Like this? Check out 7 skincare products that will instantly brighten your complexion.