Le Labo comp

As their names suggest, the Le Labo City Exclusives ($454 each) are only sold, well, exclusively in the cities that they are named after. You can’t order them online or in their partner stores.

However, for one month every year, Le Labo offers the entire City Exclusives collection to everyone everywhere, so you can get your City fix without having to hop on a plane or travel thousands of miles to get one.

Available exclusively locally at Escentials Paragon (#03-02/05) in September, we break down the different fragrances to help you prep for the coming free-for-all:

New York Tubereuse 40: This lush tuberose scent first hits you with a wave of bergamot, tangerine and orange flower. It then slowly develops to the woody-floral heart of white floral, cedar, sandalwood that gives its unique character and comfort, before giving way to a base of oak moss and musks.

London Poivre 23: A pepper scent only available as an Extrait de Parfum, this uses true bourbon pepper, and is warm, ultra spicy and truly oriental.

Los Angeles Musc 35: Sensual, sexual and decadent, this musky scent is made of vetiver, ambergris and civet.

Tokyo Gaiac 10: Centered around this hard, greenish wood that isn’t as dry as cedar, but is as subtle, profound and stable, Gaiac 10 is built on gaiac wood and surrounded by musks, with hints of cedar and olibanum incense.

Chicago Baie Rose 26: Inspired by jazz,this marries spices like aldehyde, musk and pink pepper.

San Franciso Limette 37: This isn’t bring to mind chilly fogs at all. It opens with fresh bergamot, before plunging into the warm and welcoming effects of jasmine, petit grain and clove that roll into luscious softness with vetiver, tonka beans and musks.

Dubai Cuir 28: This blends leather, wood and animal notes to give it a very powerful, dark and memorable personality. Natural vanilla absolute mixes with leather to give Cuir 28 its oriental and addictive finale.

Paris Vanille 44: This is vanilla disguised. There’s subtle ambery, incensy, woody notes with the light scent of the finest of vanilla bourbons.

Moscow Benjoin 19: A mosaic of intertwined stories centered around benzoin, olibanum, amber, cedar and musks, it transmits a deep and powerful experience of sensuality and rebelliousness.


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