1. This Is How Koreans Get Their “Glass Skin” And It’s Not Through Skincare

We’re all no stranger to the term of ‘glass skin’ anymore. We highlighted this buzz word in Oct 2019, but truth is, this trend of translucent glowing skin is one we are still vying for even today.

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2. The Ultimate Guide To Dyeing Your Hair At Home

In need of touching up your roots? Or perhaps you are in serious need of zhuzh-ing up your locks? We assembled a handy guide to colouring and transforming your hair at home.

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3. The Lazy Girl Guide To A Stylish Top Knot

We all know the struggle when it comes to creating the perfect effortless bun (yeap, the irony). Here, the step-by-step guide to achieving that editorial-looking top knot.

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4. The Lazy Girl Guide To Looking Like You Have Your Makeup Down Pat

Jumping on a last-minute video conference call and need to freshen up your face? This story contained fuss-free makeup tips to look put together.

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5. Brows On Fleek: How To Shape And Tweeze Your Own Eyebrows

Beauty salons are still closed, so if you’re itching to get your brows shaped, we’ve got your back with our tips that covered everything from finding your arch to the kind of tools to use.

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6. Our Beauty Editor’s 10 Best Expert Tips and Hacks for June

While this article was written in June 2015, these beauty tips are of essential use today for those seeking some self-care.

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7. How To Cocktail Skincare Ingredients Like A Pro

We all know the mantra “everyone’s skin is different.” This article taught us how to customise your own cocktail of skincare ingredients to target your specific needs.

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8. Microbiome Skincare: The New Beauty Trend That Beauty And Wellness Lovers Are Into

Nope, this wasn’t a story about going makeup-free or some new goopy, all-natural skincare craze. This was a piece about bacteria – in fact, a whole community of it – that lives on your skin and how brands are betting big on it to keep you looking pretty.

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9. The Best Home Remedies & Food To Treat Acne Scars

In this story, we sussed out the best foods to consume to help combat acne scars and keep your pores clean.

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10. A Really, Really Detailed Guide To Acing Pink Makeup On The Daily

Pink makeup is the sweetest trend on the block now. Here, we broke down the many ways you can carry it off besides the familiar dolly pink look.

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Main Photo Sarah Silver