1. Everything You Need To Know About Korean Beauty

If you’re new to the world of K-Beauty, consider this as your starter kit. We spoke to three Korean beauty experts on the tips and tricks to nailing the now well-loved beauty movement among others.

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2. Korean Beauty Experts Share Their Skincare And Makeup Tips

South Korea is known to be a mecca for all things skincare and makeup related. So who better to give us beauty tips than the Korean beauty experts backstage during Seoul Fashion Week?

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3. Forget Dewy Skin – Glass Skin Is The Korean Beauty Trend We Are In Love With

What was a trend in 2018 is now the new norm that we all want to achieve. Back in May 2018, we picked out 14 products for you to get that translucent, supple skin all K-beauty enthusiasts swear by.

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4. The Korean Beauty Products That Will Give You A Dewy Complexion

Truly, no one nails a dewy complexion as well as the Koreans. We sussed out the hydrating skincare that will quench your skin with moisture, as well as soften and smooth to give you a plump, healthy look.

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5. Photographer Corinne Mariaud Explores The Difference Between Singaporean And Korean Beauty

What exactly is the difference between Korean makeup and local makeup styles? In April 2017, the French photographer and artist discussed Singaporean and Korean beauty with us ahead of her photo exhibition, Fake I Real Me, presented by the Voilah! French Festival 2017.

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6. Irene Kim’s Makeup Artist Shares His Korean Beauty Secrets

We spoke to Korean makeup artist Hyung Seok Yeo whose clients include K-pop stars like singer Lee Hyori and model Irene Kim. He shared the tips and tricks on nailing the K-pop star look, from your moisturiser to acing your brows.

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7. Korean Makeup Artist Pony Talks Beauty Tips, Tricks And Hacks

Another makeup artist to know in the K-beauty industry is Pony who has found success with her eponymous makeup label, Pony Makeup – she had over 5.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 7.1 million followers on Instagram when we spoke to her in August 2018.

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