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How To Pull Off This Season’s Most Fun Makeup Trend

The Spring/Summer season is always one of our favourites when it comes to makeup because it’s all about fun, bold and bright colours. One popular ‘80s trend, in particular, is making a comeback, but with even more shades. Coloured mascaras are now available in almost every shade you can think of (Gold! Fuschia pink! Emerald!) and are more wearable than ever. Here are some tips on how to wear the trend and the products to use.

#1: YSL Beaute Mascara Vinyl Couture in #02 Aubergine, $55
If blue is too bold for you, this deep purple might be a better option. It’s sophisticated without being dull, and is a popular It girl party-look. The best thing about this, it goes well with almost all eyeshadow shades or even worn on its own. #2: YSL Beaute Mascara Vinyl Couture in #03 Green, $55
Green has the potential to look slightly clownish when used on its own so it’s best to pair it with eye makeup – be it shadow or liners – in neutral or earth tones. Think browns, taupe or even champagne. Another plus: green is said to neutralise redness so its perfect when you want to hide bloodshot eyes. #3: YSL Beaute Mascara Vinyl Couture in #05 Blue, $55
Blue mascara was probably the colour that first made coloured mascara big in the 1980s. The shade is still popular and now comes in different variations, from teal to aqua and even turquoise. One we’re loving now is this electric blue option. It’s super fun and bold, and encapsulates everything we want in a coloured mascara. #4: YSL Beaute Mascara Vinyl Couture in #04 Brown, $55
We’re always surprised how brown mascara isn’t the big trend it deserves to be. The shade is not only subtle, and more feminine finish, it goes especially well on fairer skin tones as its softer and less harsh compared to black mascara. #5: YSL Beaute Mascara Vinyl Couture in #06 Pink, $55
This pretty shade is a favourite amongst girly girls. It’s pretty yet bold and we like to pair it with rose or lilac shadows for the ultimate anime-meets-party-girl makeup look. #6: YSL Beaute Mascara Vinyl Couture in #08 Top Coat Gold Sparkle, $55
Every girl needs a little gold in their lives, This shimmering gold mascara can be applied to your mascara to give it some extra glitter and shine. It also helps to brighten your eye area and make your peepers pop. Like this? Check out this sheet mask that will give you dewy skin fast, the new hair launches from Sephora to get excited about and the Female team shares their favourite mascaras.